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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Our Little Elephant

Although Daddy had major objections at first....For those of you who have seen the Christmas Story... it resembled a certain pink bunny suit too closely for Clay's approval... But, when Mom sneaked the little man into his ELEPHANT SUIT, Daddy couldn't deny It was a winner of a Halloween outfit! What a cutie!!

Halloween Party and BonFire!

Meet... Dr. Laura, Wyatt Erp, and "Dumbo." We all enjoyed our ward halloween party! It was a bonfire, barbacue, hayride and trunk or treat! CJ had fun hanging out with his little friend Riley the pumpkin!

Home MakeOver

Laura's been spending a lot of her time researching curtains and pillows, then in the stores looking for the perfect matches, and finally behind the sewing machine making the final touches! Laura has had a fun time rearranging the house,"dejunking" as she calls it, and giving the walls alittle color! The house is finally put back together and looks better than ever with its new face lift.

Big Clay, Little Clay

They look alike when they are awake and asleep! Everyone sure knows whose kid this is! This picture was just too cute to pass up... Awe.. Nap time!

I'm a Big Kid Now

With his tennis shoes on, CJ no longer looks like a baby! He is becoming such a little boy! On the first of November he will officially be eight months old! He is slowly getting used to having something on his feet! He is realizing that his shoes are more than something to play with... they are able to give him more leverage than those little toes!! CJ actually stood by himself for 3 seconds today! Yipee.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

CJ's First Bike Ride!!

We'd been contemplating it for quite a while now, and last night we finally went out and bought a bike seat for CJ to ride in. Before that we could never go on bike rides together. One of us would have to stay back and keep an eye on the little guy. But this morning we finally went on the Blackwater trail together. It was a lot of fun and CJ seems to really enjoy his new seat.

The mornings have been getting a bit colder, and when mom takes the little man on her morning workout on the trail, he needs to wear a little more than just his onesy. But after getting him into his hooded sweatshirt for the first time, it was necessary to get a picture since he was such a dashing dude. Luckily he still doesn't know just how cute he really is!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The National Shrimp Festival

Earlier today the ward crew, along with Derek & Alisson and Kevin & Kristin, took a little gander to Gulf Shores Alabama to attend the Nat'l Shrimp festival. There were all kinds of food vendors, along with music, crafts booths, and a sand castle contest. It was fun hanging out at the beach and getting a little crisped at the same time.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Girl's Camp!

Girls camp here we come!! Laura and CJ headed up to girls camp for a day to be with the Young Women. As the token Male, CJ was loved, adored, and well fed. There were corndogs for lunch, corn for dinner..... CORN, CORN, CORN... Laura can't seem to get away from it (but instead of slipping her portions to the dog under the table, she feeds CJ! How sly! )

Parachute Landing Fall Training

Earlier this morning Clay and his class did practice parachute landing scenarios at a small grass air field in Alabama (in AL since it's illegal to parasail behind a pickup in Florida). Basically the truck towed each person up to 100-150 feet and let them go. Each person went twice. It was a lot of fun, although Clay is a little sore now from crashing into the ground.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Gone To Atlanta!

Late Friday afternoon we decided on a spur of the moment to take a trip to Atlanta, GA in order to go to the temple as well as get a hefty supply of wheat from the storehouse. For the past month and a half we've been trying to procure some wheat here in the Pensacola area with no luck. Most businesses we have gone to just give us blank stares, and those places that do know what wheat is are quick to tell us "good Luck" because there isn't any wheat in the South. We even hit up the local farmer's feed-n-seed stores with no luck. But luck for us the storehouse in Atlanta was abounding with the stuff. We left for Atlanta on Friday afternoon and just got back a couple of hours ago. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our camera, so this pieced together photo re-creation of the trip will have to do!

CJ's first Haircut!!!

Lately CJ's hair has been growing over his ears, which was a sure sign that his hair was getting a little too long. So tonight we buckled down (more like buckled him down) and made a clean cut dude. He already flirts with every girl in sight, so hopefully he doesn't get too confident with his new doo!


............................................And AFTER!!!................................................

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"It's Cornbread And Chicken..."

Wouldn't you know it? We've been down in the South for just a short time and all three of us are already addicted to cornbread. CJ is particularly fond of it, especially when it's topped with maple syrup.
The way that he's looking into the oven you would think that there's a Red Rider 200 shot Range model air rifle (with a compass in the stock!) in there.

Pool Baby!

Lucky for us the little guy loves to hang out and cause a rukus in the tub! He loves going in and splashing around in the water. Actually getting him all lathered up is a bit difficult, but it's not as fun when there's no wrestling involved, right?