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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tickled PINK

Yes, it is true....we are having a little girl enter the Ward family! Everyone is sooo excited! To share the news with the boys, Clay and Laura bought our first doll - and gave it to the boys. We are hoping to practice being gentle and soft with a girl before the actual one far, we have found the baby girl (whom the boys have named Dora), thrown, pulled, undressed, smothered in kisses, hugged, taken on walks, and pretty much tortured in every way...hopefully they get better in the upcoming months....oh boy!

The 20 week Prego Belly

I thought this picture was just too cute of Preston showing off his little belly too!

Brotherly Love

Our cute boys out "Workin" as they call it! They just looked so cute in their rain boots and hats!

Girl Time

Beware! This is what happens when you get too many sisters in one house! Becky was doing Laura and Nicole's hair so it would be curly! However, in order to have cute curls in the morning, we needed to have crazy little buns the night before! My camera's battery died, so I don't have pictures of the cute curles...

Stayin' with the Cousins

CJ digging for dinosaur bones at Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum.
All the kids in front of some scary looking ancient dinosaur shark thing.
Preston....loved the chickens! He would go out and talk to them, feed them, etc...he was fascinated by them and wanted to bring them home!
2 sisters with Matching cars...who knew!

Nicole and Lacey having some extra bonding time!
Crazy bath pictures with cousins!


Laura and the boys stayed an extra few days with Corey and Nicole's family, the kids were having too much fun together (and honestly so were the adults....) that we just couldn't go home yet! There is a really neat little park with a water "stream" that the kids can play in....the kids loved it. It was perfect, not deep (so no drowning), rocks to climb on, sprinklers that spray, etc. The kids loved it!

Boating with Smiths

While in Utah, we spent a day with Brad and Debbie's family in Odgen. We went boating, tubing, and playing in the sand. It was a gorgeous day - we ended the day with pizza and, what a combo! As you can see from the pictures...everyone enjoyed themselves!

Lagoon/Family Reunion

We really wanted to go to Utah for a Smith Family get together, but since Clay couldn't go...Laura wasn't sure she wanted or even could drive all the way by herself pregnant with two kids. After much debate and struggle - Laura decided she just couldn't do it on her own....then came the phone call! Dad and Mom called Laura up and told her to pack her bags, Dad was flying in to come and drive with them so they could be there. What a Dad...

We had such a great time being together! We all had a great time at lagoon - riding the wild rides, eating slushies, getting soaking wet on the rapids (Thanks to Corey), and just laughing and having fun together! Memories.
Thanks again Dad for helping us make it for the fun!