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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hey Good Lookin', Whatcha Got Cookin?

Well here are our first snapshots of the little guy/girl. From the Doctors initial report everything looks good so far. He estimated Laura as being about 14 weeks along and pretty much dashed Clay and CJ's hopes of twins (they're coping the best they can).

I'm A BIGger KID NOW!!

About two weeks ago CJ made the switch from the crib to the bed. We were wanting to free up the crib for 'baby #2', and do it early enough that it wouldn't be a big shock for CJ. We were thinking that it may take some time for him to transition to the Big Boy Bed, but we were pleasently surprised. Right from day one he has loved it. We were also thinking that CJ's new ability to get out of bed on his own would present a problem with him 'staying' in bed when he goes down. We also lucked out on that one. He occasionally comes out after we put him down in order to inform us that he wants to "Rock" a little more in the rocking chair, but for the most part he stays in bed for the duration.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bath-Time Buddies

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Last night CJ had lots of fun with his two buddies from across the street...Zach and Ty. They were hammin it up pretty good in the tub; water, bubbles, all that stuff.
The picture tell the stories better than I can.

Fall Festival

Thursday was Fall Festival on Base. It was a lot of fun with different booths that were set up, free food, K9 security forces dog demonstrations, and play areas for the kids. CJ really liked the blowup cages, so much that when it was time to get out, dad had to go in after him and fish/herd him out (Dad was hoping for an excuse to go in there!).

The Oklahoma City Memorial

Clay had the day off on Monday for Columbus Day, so the claywardcrew decided to take a trip to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. It was quite a humbling experience going to that place and remembering what happened there in 1995. Next to the memorial was a museum that takes you step by step through the events before, during, and after the bombing. It makes you grateful for the things that you have and makes you realize how precious life is; as well as how quickly your lives can change.

Just outside the museum is a chalkboard sidewalk where kids can draw and write their feelings about the memorial.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

In Case We Forgot to Tell You

We Found out a few weeks ago that the Ward Family Trio is going to become a Quartet in or around the month of April. A you can see Laura is very excited about it(she's hoping for Twins!!!....isn't She? Clay's hope, Laura's headache! CJ's dream-come-true!).

Swingin' CJ

So here's what happened.
One day while Laura was in the kitchen, she noticed that CJ was exceptionally quiet, which is usually an omen that something is about to be, or has just been broken. So at the speed of concerned motherhood Laura ran back to CJ's room and found the little guy in his old infant swing, happy and swingin' and not quite fittin' in the seat. The swing was all set up when the Neals borrowed it for baby Brek, and I guess CJ wanted to take a spin in it for 'old times sake'.

Babies & Lego's

Last week Derek and Ali Neal were gracious enough to let CJ practice being a big brother with Brek, seeings how he's going to be a big brother in about six months. From all reports CJ did really well with Brek. Before he held Brek he was a little standoff'ish about mommy holding another baby. But once CJ was able to hold one for himself, all was good, and every time he saw Brek after that he wanted to hold/hug him.
Later that weekend CJ and mommy built their own real live robot that was programmed to hold perfectly still and then fall to pieces on command (CJ's command..MR. DESTRUCTOO.