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Monday, May 10, 2010

CJ's a 2 Wheeler MASTER

All CJ had to do was mention that he wanted to try and ride his bike without training wheels and Clay was all over that! The boys went into the garage..took off those training wheels and the balancing instuctions began...and wouldn't you know only took one loop around the block and CJ is a quick riding 2 wheeling expert. CJ is loving his new found freedom! and Yes, he has already had his first over-the-handle-bar expereience...but he wore it well and got right back on the "horse" again...what a trooper.

Fooling around Fun

The Ward Crew having some fun family time around the house.

Date Night

For an unusual date night...Clay and Laura took a framing class. We had sooo much fun. The tools are amazing. Can you believe it...we made these amazing frames!

Preston the Fireball is 3!!!

Preston is a little fireball...he is always on the go (high speed all day long), full of spunk, and the sweetest boy too... Since he is a little fireball, we thought it was so appropriate that he asked for a firetruck cake this year for his birthday. (He had a hard time choosing between a firetruck, motorcycle, school bus, or garbage truck...he points out each of them as we drive down the road! But, in the end, he wanted the firetruck!)
Since Preston's birthday landed in the middle of our trip...we actually celebrated several times along the way. We first celebrated with the Ernsts' family with his carmel popcorn firetruck....and then again in Idaho with a firetruck cake. Preston didn't mind of course....however, because we celebrated his birthday for several days...he kept telling everyone daily that it was his birthday. We finally had to explain to him that birthday was now officially over and he would have to wait until next year before it came around again.

Laura did a great job making his firetruck cake...she is always excited to make the kids birthday her a reason to be creative, have fun, and stretch her artistic abilities.

Trevor and Leslie's Wedding

The big day arrived and Clay wasn't deployed! The reason that inspired us to take this trip now, was to be here for Trevor and Leslie's sealing to each other and to Leslie's 3 kids (Leslie is Clay's sister). It was a wonderful beautiful day. We were so excited that we were able to be there and witness that special event. We had several close calls with Clay's deployment schedule...but in the end, it all worked out. Yipee.

Here are the Ward family grandkids...and as you can see...the boys out number the girls!

We WORKED hard and PLAYED hard!!

Next Stop...Grandma and Papa's House

After we had been on our trip for several days, the kids were getting anxious to get to Grandma and Papa's House. We just couldn't get there fast enough...but when we finally made it, the boys ran and gave Grandma and Papa hugs and then they were off and running to the four wheelers...and there they stayed for the next 5 days (okay..that might be an exaggeration, but not too far from the truth!)

The men planned a fun family outting....we had a 4 wheeler expedition down the crater, weenie roast, and a gun shoot out. The kids loved the sand and spent the afternoon rolling down the hills getting as much sand as possible in their hair, under their fingernails and of course down their pants and diapers. Needless to say...the bath water that night was quite disgusting! But, who cares...we had fun doing it, right?

We forgot to pack a sun bonnet for Aparri, so Laura had to get creative on how to keep the little woman out of the blazing sun! She did a pretty good job managing the umbrella....her and Aparri were pretty much the only ones who didn't get sunburned!!

The boys had a great time shooting a REAL gun. Whew...look out! We had a fun time trying to teach the young kids the importance of staying behind the row of guns shooting...they just didn't seem to get it.

Family Fun with the Ernsts

While in Utah, we were able to see the Nicole and Corey Ernst family. (Nicole is Laura's sister) We had a great time exploring tunnels, splashing through puddles, and trying to make a firetruck out of carmel popcorn! It's fun having kids close to the same ages that play well together! Fun times with family!