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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Camping Out"

Well, the move is underway! All beds have been dismantled and are packed up...So..this will probably be the last post for a little while...unless we are really ambitious and post on the go...we shall see. Tonight, we had the boys tucked in and ready for bed on their mattresses...but as we went in to check on them, they both were on the floor and said, "We made ourselves sleeping bags with our blankets and we are camping out!" Well...okay!! Whatever works! Adventures and Las Vegas, here we come!!!

CJ's Toothless

CJ's tooth has been loose for a little while now....and we noticed the other day that the permenate tooth was coming in as parents we highly encouraged CJ to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...well...with a little help from Mom...that tooth came out on Preston's birthday!!! and CJ couldn't be more proud!

Birthday Boy...Preston

Preston just loves his garbage!!! He watches the garbage truck, plays with garbage trucks, wants garbage truck cakes for his birthday...loves and quotes garbage truck books... his favorite is "I STINK"...pretty cute book! This year Preston's birthday was a progressive birthday...with everything that has been going on with the move, etc. We did things as they came! So...when the motorcycle came...we had already purchased Preston a motorcycle he got that present early, then as letters and his birthday can came in the mail, he opened them, he went shopping on the weekend - because that is when we went to walmart, then on his birthday - we did the traditional breakfast in bed- which Preston requested french toast- and he and Aparri had a great time eatting together in his bed! Then lunch was McDonalds - we picked up CJ and headed off to the golden arches, where everyone cleaned their plates and Aparri was introduced to ketchup! In the afternoon, Laura, Preston and Aparri went to the San Antonio transporation museum looked around at some trains and firetrucks...Dinner was pancakes...easy cookin' - Mom was happy!!! then we finished the night off with garbage truck cake with the neighbors.... It was a great day...and fun to celebrate our little man PRESTON...

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Welcome to the family....Black Bart

Yes, Black Bart is our new Motorcycle. Clay and Laura have been not debating "conversing" about getting a motorcycle for some time now. When we found out that we were moving to Vegas and Clay was going to have quite a commute - regardless of where in Vegas we lived, Clay got Laura on board with economics! Laura is still nervous when Clay drives away on the bike, but is getting used to the idea....aghhhh. Clay and the boys on the other hand are esctatic...words cannot descibe their excitement. Here we go...a new adventure!!

Aparri takes after her Mother...and is not quite sure what to think of this new machine.....