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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Princess' Cake Incident

Laura worked for days on this beautiful cake for Aparri's birthday...researching the idea, finding the doll, freezing the cake, and then the construction....and it turned out beautiful!!  Aparri loved her cake!  She smiled, pointed, and adored her doll cake....  well, after it was finished, we all headed off to have some fun - and as we were exiting the house - the doll...well, who said that toy story wasn't real...because we swear - the doll wanted to go for a swim  - she literally jumped out of the cake and into the sink of water below her!  Bye bye least we got a few snap shots of it before the big dive!!!   There was enough cake left to salvage a small cake for blowing out the candles and a piece for everyone to ...after all is said and done...Aparri is little enough that she wasn't too tramatized that her cake was destroyed.....but went on smiling the rest of the day!!  (We can't say the same for Laura.....) Just kidding...she was a good sport and laughed it off...what else can you do?

Aparri is 2

Grandma and Papa were able to be here to celebrate Aparri's big 2 with us!  All the girls wore princess crowns and Aparri wore the tutu...Aparri loved opening presents and was soooo excited about each and every gift that she opened!!!  Aparri is such a sweet little girl, and happy all the time (ok...most of the time).  We love you Aparri!

Valley of Fire

We took an afternoon and went exploring to the Valley of Fire State Park...and was truly amazing.  We spent about 4 hours there and we easily could have spent DAYs there.  We just barely scraped the surface of what there is to see!!  It is the perfect place for a family...the kids can run around and play, explore, climb, hike, and be outside in the beautiful sunshine....however, we found out the hard way, that as soon as the sun goes down....all that rock cools down rather quickly...and when you are in the middle of a hike...there is only one way in and one way out - so to get warm, you just have to keep going until you make it back to the car!!!  We know there are a lot of pictures...but, you should be grateful - we didn't even post ALL of them!!!!