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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who likes water balloons??

 Aparri learned from the pro water balloon man himself....Preston's face doesn't give away the fact that he is enjoying himself does it?

A Day at the Firehouse

 For Hockinson Fun Days, we went to the Firestation and participated in several fun events.  The boys got to use a fire hose and "put out" the fire in the house, got to watch the medivak helicopter land, sit in the helicopter, meet smoky the bear, and then watch a fire demonstration - they had two rooms set up one with overhead sprinklers and one without....pretty amazing demonstrations.  The one without was a blaze in 2 minutes, everything ruined and heat like you wouldn't believe- kids cried; the one with a sprinkler lasted seconds before the sprinklers came on and in the end only had the curtain burnt...pretty powerful deomonstration.

Family Fun

 Whether we are making homemade rootbeer, shooting guns, riding the lawn mower, driving the four wheeler, or buzzing around on the motorcycle we are having a great time with family!!!

Dozer Days

Bulldozers, diggers, dumptrucks, garbage trucks, HUGE tires, sand, toys....How else can I describe a little boys dream land....and that is exactly what CJ and Preston experienced at "Dozer Days". The boys got to not only crawl, hike, and sit in their dream machines, they also got to drive them! It was a fun day for everyone!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Vacation has been Extended

During our stay in Washington, Clay got called back early to start training.  Since we haven't gotten established yet in Vegas - Laura and the kids decided to make an extension on their vacation and stay in Washington until August, when it is closer to Clay's return. we are, Surprise Summer Vacation in Washington!!!  Laura and the kids are enjoying their time with Shane before he goes to Brazil on his church mission; loving being with Nana and Papa; and are excited to be here for all the fun with family this summer.  We aren't enjoying being away from Clay...but that is the nature of the job we are thankful for mail, email, and skype!

4 Wheeler and Lawn Mower Excitement

 The second the sound of the lawn mower, 4 wheeler, or motorcycle hit the ears of the "kids" everyone comes you can see we are ALL enjoying a ride!!!