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Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Preparations

 Baby Preparations are in full motion!  Laura has the whole family busy busy getting ready for our little man to make his appearance in less than 2 months!  With Clay home...the "honey - do" list has begun!  We painted the crib (which Aparri insisted on helping with - and surprisingly, she is a good little painter!), refinished a dresser (Laura has been working on that thing for the last year and Clay came in, bought a belt sander and had that thing done lickedy, if Laura had only known the secret of a belt sander!), rearranged the spare room into a nursery, cleaned out a closet, and kept up our new tradition of going to build-a-bear workshop and picking out a new friend for our baby.  The kids picked out a cute brown dog and named him Brownie D-Dog.  December is coming quickly!!!  Oh boy!

 The dresser before...
 The dresser after...
The kids showing off Brownie D-Dog.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

The wicked Hoe

 As any military wife will tell you.... if anything is going to go wrong, or any catastrophe happen to your family - it is going to happen when your husband is gone.  Yep...yet again!  We just didn't expect it to happen so soon...THE day that Clay left, yep THE DAY he left, Aparri got hit in the eye with a garden hoe.  CJ and Aparri were playing in Nana and Papa's garden - Laura was weeding - and Aparri got a little too close to her brother who was breaking up a dirt clod..and yep, right in the eye.  We took her to the ER, gave her a priesthood blessing, and had several follow up visits with the optimologist.  After a week - the optomologist said that the cut on her eye was healing nicely and no surgery/ stitches would have to be performed, and she shouldn't have any permenate damage done to her eye.  We feel truly blessed and watched over.  Look at that wicked is awful!  It could have been sooo much worse, we are so grateful that the Lord is watching over our little family.

First Day of School 2012

The First Day of School...  we can hardly believe it - we have a second grader, a kindergartener, and a preschooler.  The 2 boys get to ride the bus to school - and that is the highlight of every day - they love that thing (and Mom loves it too)!!  CJ was an expert with school this year, Preston was a little nervous - but after having his buddy Aiden in his class - he was put at ease, and Aparri has a little preschool with her little friend Lydia.  To make the first day of kindergarten special - we got Burger King, and Pizza Hut for dinner. Happy school days kids!

Aparri's First Haircut

Laura finally came to terms with the fact that it was time to cut Aparri's hair.  It is so hard to cut your little girl's hair... so Laura made a special date with Aparri and they both went and got their hair cut together!  Aparri did so well - at first she wasn't sure about the whole thing, but when Laura told her that they were cutting her hair and she was going to look like a princess...she was sold!  Aparri insisted that we curl her hair the next day so she could have "Aurora Hair"... her favorite princess's hair!  Laura admits, Aparri's hair is so much healthier and cutier after the trim!


Laura's cousin, Jeremy, is a REAL COP!!  And the kids were really excited to meet him!  At first they were a little afraid to meet a police man!  But, when they got to see his badge, the police car, hold real handcuffs, and push the buttons for the siren...oh, that was too cool!  They couldn't wait to tell their friends how a policeman came to their house!  Thanks for stopping in and saying hi cousin Jeremy - it was good to visit with you and you sure made the kids' day!

Rain Rain Come AGAIN

It doesn't happen often, but when rain does come to Vegas.... RAIN COMES TO VEGAS!  It was pouring outside; granted it was 100+ degrees outside and raining, but rain nonetheless...and the kids couldn't contain themselves - they just had to go out and play in it!  And yes, we are THE parents on the street that let our kids go out and get muddy, wet, and dirty...hey, why not?  It all washes - and come is 100+ degrees outside, it's not like they are going to get cold or anything!  The kids enjoyed their little rain adventure - and it lasted quite a while...they probably would have stayed out there all day, but when the lightening and thunder started, Mom said, " the house"  As you can see the kids are completely soaked from head to toe and having a marvelous time!

Library Reading Program Winners

This Summer, the kids participated in the library summer reading program.  Our 2 boys, CJ and Preston, BOTH won top prizes!!   Man, they must have some lucky blood!  CJ got a powerwashing kit and Preston a guitar - they were both extremely excited about winning!  Keep up the good work boys, and keep on reading!

Ditch Treasures

 The kids just didn't get enough fishing up in the mountains, so when we came back through Dietrich on our way home - the did a second round of fishing with their little nets...and low and behold....Laura was a little surprised with what they found.  We were amazed that they found this little fish in the ditch.  However, when they said there were hundreds of them, Laura just had to see for herself...and sure enough - the ditch which is relatively clean, was pretty mossed over and had hundreds of little fish swimming around.  Then, early the next morning, Trevor, came in to the house with a gatorade bottle with another surprising treasure...and we aren't sure what it is ... a super large crawdad, a lobster, or some Dietrich Sea Monster... but wow.  He fished it out of the ditch too....double where you put your toes...they might get snapped off!!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Swimming and THE Diving Board

 Swimming..swimming...swimming, we just can't get enough of the pool.  On this trip, the kids were introduced to the diving board!  They have done slides, deep pools, lakes and docks, but it was the first time they have attempted the diving board.  At first they were a little anxious and unsure, but after their first successful jump..we couldn't keep them off the thing.  They went over and over and over and over again!  We tried to get some good shots, but attempting to time it, take a picture and tread water at the same time takes some talent!