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Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Very "Sunny" Father's Day

For Father's Day, CJ and Laura had several suprises for Daddy. First surprise (ok.. not really a surprise, it's more of a tradition) was breakfast - French Toast, lots of bacon, eggs and apple juice! The second surprise, was a pair of sunglasses. On Clay's cross country flight to Texas, his sunglasses got stolen - he was so disappointed. He loved those things! He didn't think they made them anymore, since he bought them almost 6 years ago, but thanks to the world wide web - Laura was able to find them,order them, have them delivered and wrapped before Clay had a clue! The third surprise was 8 boxes wrapped in brown paper laying on the floor! The presents have been laying on the floor for the last couple of weeks, and they drove Clay nuts!! What was in the boxes? 8 different types of Capri Suns! There is a story behind this, let us explain... Laura has been purchasing Capri Suns for CJ. They are a nice and easy drink to take to the pool, park, boating etc. CJ likes them and hey it keeps him hydrated in the heat - but CJ is not the only one that likes them! Laura would periodically catch Clay in the kitchen "sneaking" Capri Suns. When she found him, he had the look of a kid getting caught in the cookie jar. It was classic. So, Laura and CJ decided to get Daddy some Capri Suns of his own! Happy Father's Day, Clay. You are the greatest!

Nothin' But A Smile!

Just a few days ago, while CJ was out and about, he got all of his clothes wet and dirty and had to be "shucked" before going into the house. Just for fun Laura put him in the pool. We thought that he might be a little hesitant and shy being out there in the buff, but as you can see he felt quite at home. All he's missing is a cool drink in hand.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

We took advantage of the long weekend and headed off to Lake Butler and St. Augustine to visit April and Craig Swenson, Clay's cousin, and their three boys Preston, London, and Jackson. We had a great time playing water volleyball, boating around St. Augustine, letting the boys play, and getting sun burnt. Thanks to April we tried the southern delicacy of boiled peanuts - not too bad... a little mushy, squishy, and messy, but not bad. It reminded us more of cooked beans than nuts...but whatever. Clay enjoyed sucking the water out of the shell, then cracking it open and eating the nut. Hey it works! CJ wasn't sure about the boat ride - he liked it, and then didn't. When mom finally let him explore - when the boat was stopped he walked all over to see how the boat worked, his favorite button was the horn. After several minutes of horn blowing, Craig regreted showing him that one. When we anchored for lunch, there were several jellyfish swimming around the boat. They are beautiful! But, we decided to choose another resting spot - we were not in the mood to get stung, even though Craig told us the "natural antidote" for jellyfish stings - we didn't want to risk it!

Laura on the Flight Line

Friday, May 26th was Spouse Taxi Day for VT-3. Lt. Cdr Best took Laura in the T-34, which is the plane Clay is currently training in, to an unused runway and let her "have the controls!" Laura had a great time working the rutters, spinning "cookies," and listening to the radio calls.
Based on her excellent

"maneuvering" in the aircraft, they tried to convince her to sign up, however, the cute little man sitting on the side line in the yellow ear muffs was too much of a temptation. The whole experience was a lot of fun and very eye opening - Laura has a lot more respect for Clay and all the things he is learning. WOW.