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Sunday, April 25, 2010

ReLiving the Y

It had been some time since we had been back to our Alma we took the opportunity of doing some of our favorite Provo experiences.....and since our boys always have energy to burn, we thought...hey, we should let them hike the Y. So, we did just that - Laura, Preston,and Aparri made it a little over half way up...but CJ and Clay made it all the way to the Y. CJ was so proud that he made it all the way to the top. (and honestly so were we...) It was a hot day, and the Y isn't the easiest hike for a 5 year old... Good job CJ!
That night Clay and Laura treated themselves to a dinner at the Bombay House...the best Indian Food you can find...and dear Becky, Laura's sister, watched the kids so we could go and enjoy the experience....THANKS BECKY! It was yummy....

Stopping in and saying Hello

We started our family adventure with a trip through Montana and then dropping down into Idaho to say hello to Kathy and Brett (Laura's Sister and Husband). The boys had a great time saying hello to their motorcycle! Then as we continued our travels south, we stopped in Salt Lake to visit Laura's grandmother and twin Sister. They are always a fun pair to visit with - we all left with was a great visit.

The Easter Hunt

Every year the base holds an Easter Egg Hunt, and this year was no different. Each year those in charge try to be more organized, but with tons of kids and loads of eggs, it always seems to end in a free-for-all where at least one kid gets trampled. CJ had a great time "fighting" for his eggs. (Unfortunately, Preston only got to cheer on his brother rather than hunt for his own eggs...he lost that priveledge due to his morning behavior....hopefully next year we will have a better morning!)

On Sunday, after the boys did the at home egg hunt, raided their Easter baskets, and ate more sugar than their poor little bodies could control....we all took a nice Sunday stroll down the railroad tracks in order to burn off some of that excess SUGAR. It seemed to work rather nicely... here are the boys enjoying the sunshine and tracks.

Our Cute Bath Towel Model

Bath time is a favorite time in the ward family. It appears that Aparri is taking after her brothers and loving the warm bath water too...she is definitely a Ward! We just couldn't resist these cute poses in her new towels.