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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's CoupleTime!

We wanted a picture of just the two of us and we thought, who can we get to take the picture? CJ was standing right there, so instead of putting the timer on the camera, we offered him the job...and boy did he take it willingly! We were a little nervous handing over our camera to a 3 year old....but he did all the things right...he pointed the camera at us, said "cheese" and then snapped the picture. After looking at the pictures...he didn't do a half bad job! Good job CJ!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick trip to Idaho

The trip to Idaho was quick, but jam packed full of activities! We were able to spend a few days in Rexburg/Idaho Falls seeing old friends, visiting with family members we had't seen in a long time, and witnessing Kathy and Brett's sealing. Kathy was a beautiful bride and was sooo happy. It was fun to finally meet Brett (the night before the big day! I think we were the last of the family to meet him) but that's okay - we approve (not that Kathy needed our approval anyway!)

Then, it was off to Dietrich to spend a couple of days with the Ward Clan on the farm. Time went way too fast playing with cousins, sledding down Papa's hill, riding four wheelers, and before we knew it we were back home again. Becky stayed with us in Dietrich, which was a real treat for us! You should have seen her in the'd think she'd never seen the stuff before - I'd swear she was out there kissing it! No...just kidding, but she did LOVE it! It was fun to see her excitement. And Of course, CJ loved the Tractors...ok, ok..he wasn't the only ones - yes Becky and Laura got a ride in the loader bucket! AND then dumped into the snow...we are very glad it was some soft snow, it almost wasn't!! Close call!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still MORE Snow!!!

If you have snow and a lot of it...then you better learn how to have fun with it! That is what we have been attempting to do with all the snow we have been living with! While in Idaho, Stan built a huge sledding hill for us - and the whole family was out there using it! It was fun for all! Then, when we got back home and realized that our snow not only didn't melt away, but compacted into ice...Clay thought....hmm..these would make great ice forts...and so Clay and CJ went to work. They built a snow fort in the back yard, and boy was it impressive. It was about 8 feet high and looked really neat...however, it didn't last long. Actually, we timed it just whole side literally fell down on top of us right after we snapped the picture of us in front of it. Poor Clay. But, before you start to feel sorry for the man, let's finish the story... the next day, the boys went to work again, but this time in the FRONT yard. We have a nice, solid fort (that is still completely standing 24 hours later!) in our yard that all the neighbor boys love to come and play at...not to mention all the cars slow down to stare... well - we are known now - we have the ice castle in our yard! Clay uses it as a shield as he chucks snow balls at the neighbor boys! What a kid...and that's why we love him!