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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter Bunny Came!

The boys were sooo excited....the Easter Bunny came. They woke up bright and early, ran out into the family room, went straight to the window checked the front yard...and after so doing CJ then confirmed "Yep, the Easter Bunny came" (which is funny to me, because it rained all night and all morning, therefore, the Easter Bunny spread the eggs and baskets out in the family room, not outside...but nonetheless, he had to check the window to confirm that he did indeed come! Who knows..).

After getting all ready for church, we thought we would take a quick picture...well the thought was there. Let's just say, Laura, the camera timer, and two squirmy boys aren't the best combination for a perfect picture! We really tried hard...but all of them were blurry, had heads cut off, weird eyes, here is one of the funny, yet unsuccessful pictures of Easter.

Dogs and Bunnies...what else do you need?

CJ and Preston had a great time at the base Easter Festivities. CJ helped Preston get some eggs in the 2 and under "race" and then, CJ was all warmed up for the 3-5 age race (mass chaos)! Tons of kids and their shouting parents on several tennis courts getting eggs. I think some of the parents were a little more in to it than the kids! It was so fun to watch CJ - he was so excited that we would B- line for an egg and pass all the eggs in between - he was focused on specific was hilarious.

CJ enjoyed meeting the fire dog and the Easter Bunny. Preston was a little nervous about the Easter bunny until big brother came over and reassured him that the bunny was friendly!

Easter Egg Excitement

One of the most beloved Easter traditions...dying eggs - Beloved by both kids and adults alike. This year, we had extra help dying our eggs! Some of our good friends, the Scheel Clan, came over and did a fabulous job dying the eggs with CJ. Ta-Daa. Here is the hard working crew and their end result! Now, we will be eating deviled eggs and egg salad sandwiches for the next month!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Deployment for Kids to...

No.. I didn't ship my kids off over seas or anything crazy like that.... there was a fun activity for the kids on base this weekend. They had a program that taught kids about deployments - so they could understand where mommy and daddy go and what they do when they are away. It was great! The kids went through each step of pre-deployment, the aircraft, being deployed and coming home. CJ loved walking around the KC-135 and sitting in the pilot seat. He kept saying... "I want to fly the airplane... I want to take off." It was like pulling teeth getting him out of that cockpit....looks like we might have another pilot in the family!! I don't think Preston was as comfortable as CJ in the soon as we placed him in the copilot seat he started crying. On the way home after the program had ended, we asked CJ how he liked the activity. He said "Good, but I want to fly the airplane ...and take off in the sky" I tried to think of what to say... so I said, "Well, honey in order to fly the airplane and take off you need to go to school for a long time like Daddy." Well, as you could have probably guessed, that satisfied our three year old for oh...a minute than he continued to say " I want to fly it in the sky now..." But, other than that minor disappointment, I really think he enjoyed the day. The military staff did an excellent job and had things very are a few pictures of today's activities.

Curious George and Clifford come to visit!

There was a book fair at the base school and the two characters, Curious George and Clifford, were making an we just had to go! When CJ heard that two of his favorite cartoon characters were coming and he could meet them, he was soooo excited. We were a little curious our selves to see how he would react to them, because we have never really gotten a great response to Santa Claus.....and well...same thing, kind of. But, CJ LOVED the two characters. He went up to them, talked with them, and even hugged them! Whoo hoo... Now, Preston on the other hand wasn't sure what to think of the furry friends.

CJ's new Favorite toy...PLAYDOH

For his birthday, CJ got some playdoh and playdoh tools...and it is his new favorite thing! He loves it! He cooks with it, creates things with it, squishes it, makes a mess with it...yep...just has lots of fun with it! He has four different, yellow, blue and green. Whenever we get it out, we ask him "What color of playdoh do you want?" the answer is ALWAYS the same....GREEN. I think it is now official...CJ's favorite color is GREEN! We made these snow people the other day and CJ said that it was Daddy, Mommy, CJ and Preston. (from right to left).