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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aparri's Blessing Day

Aparri was blessed today. She looked beautiful in her white dress, hairbow, and shoes....we have an adorable little girl. We were excited to have Nana and Papa Smith (Laura's mom and dad), Grandma and Papa (Clay's mom and dad) and Trevor and Leslie's bunch (Clay's sister's family) all come for the special occasion. We had a great weekend together, playing, having fun, and blessing our new little girl.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Family's 2010 Family Picture

It's that time of picture time!!!

From family pictures 2010

From family pictures 2010

From family pictures 2010

Smith Family 2010 Pictures

All 7 of the Smith kids and all but one spouse, were able to be together for Julie's we took the opportunity to get a family picture taken! Here is the whole crew:

The Whole Smith Clan (not pictured: Brett, Kathy's Husband) From family pictures 2010

The Whole Crazy Crew Being Silly From family pictures 2010

The Original 7 with the Parents From family pictures 2010
The Expanded and Better 7 with our Parents (not pictured: Brett, Kathy's Husband) From family pictures 2010

From family pictures 2010
The Grandkids with Nana and Papa

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Julie's Wedding

We went down to Brush Prairie to witness and celebrate Julie and Isaac's Marriage. It was so much fun! It was the first time in several years that all 7 of us Smith kids were together. The day was beautiful...the sun was shining (Blessing in Portland, you just never know!), Julie looked beautiful, the decorations were perfect, everything went smoothly, awe...nice day. Congratulations Julie...welcome to the family Isaac.

Our Little Valentine

Enjoying our Little Girl

We are all enjoying having another girl in the house. They boys love Aparri - they want to touch her, poke her, put things on her, show her things, help change her pants, etc. they are excited to have her part of the family. CJ wanted to introduce Aparri to his friends at school, so one day Laura brought her in to his classroom and oh...CJ was such a proud big brother. It was soo cute! CJ gave each of his friends a picture of she has 15 FANS...they all love her, talk about her, and several parents say they talk about her at home and have the picture on the fridge...and she is their baby too! Fun times!

Mom and Dad Smith Visit

Mom and Dad Smith came the beginning of February to help us with the arrival of Aparri... and yes, it is the end of March and we are just now getting to writing about it...

We had a great visit. The boys made homemade sushi - it looked really good! (Laura and Nancy let the boys eat it all...they were being nice!!) We made a trip to Mobius,the children's museum, did laundry several times, cooked, cleaned, relaxed, played games, and just enjoyed each other. They were a HUGE help -it was nice having extra hands around while trying to adjust to 3 kids... thanks again mom and dad.

Seattle Sights

After living this close to Seattle for the last 2 1/2 years, we felt it was time to take a visit. We took a short overnight trip to Seattle and visited the riverwalk, aquarium, and Becca and Greg Spain at Red Robin (Laura's High School buddy and spouse). The aquarium was fabulous. Laura was amazed that they let you touch some of the starfish and sea anemones. The boys were fascinated with all the fish...their favorite tank was one that contained 2 clown fish (which they insisted were Nemo and Marlin) and a blue fish that was Dory....all from Finding Nemo.

Happy Birthday CJ

CJ is now 5!! The day started out with CJ's first breakfast in bed experince. We felt that at age 5 he was mature and ready (and less change of spilling on the bed). His requested breakfast was toast, bacon and orange that is what he got. This year CJ wanted a tractor cake...the cake production was a family project - and turned out mighty nicely!! The day continued with CJ's party. We held it here at the house with some of his friends. It was a great day! We love you CJ.