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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yellow Roses #3

Yes, Laura received a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses from her sweetheart this week.... for those of you who don't know - there is a tradition in our house (Clay adopted the tradition from his parents) that when we find out we are expecting Clay gets Laura yellow roses. So...yes - we are having baby number 3 due January 20th. We told the boys by wrapping up candy bars and having them look like babies....CJ got it...Preston just wanted to open the thing and get to the candy.


As a fun treat for Dad and the boys....Clay set up the tent in the backyard and had a campout. Fun for the boys, and a night off for Laura - or so was the plan! It was a good plan! CJ loved it, Preston however, lasted about 5 minutes and he was back in the house complaining he was we got out his jacket, then he wanted socks and shoes, so we got those on...and Laura shipped him back outside. They didn't even get the tent zipped up before Preston was wanting his needless to say it was a Dad and SON campout; and a Mommy and SON sleepover in the house! Fun times....however, first thing in the morning, Preston was up and running for the tent! I guess you can't blame a boy for liking his bed....

Clay's Skydive Dream Come True

Skydiving...really? A pilot whose job is to keep planes safely in the air, is going to jump out of a perfectly good plane for fun? Yep...Clay has had the skydiving itch for a long time and has dreamed about his day finally came. Clay made it home safe and sound from deployment number 3... and as a gift, he headed back up to the skies for his big jump that same week. Laura and the boys had fun watching Clay take off in the plane and then parachute down to the ground....we were all glad when Clay/ daddy was back on the ground safe and sound...whew.