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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Altus.. Airplanes.. Adventures

While we were in Altus, we were able to see the KC-135. Clay showed us the simulators where he is currently training. Then we looked at the real deal! We couldn't get up close and personal with the KC-135, but we admired her from a far. And boy is she perdy! Laura is proud to announce that after some good instruction from Clayboy, she can now identify a KC-135! It's hard to tell one big plane from another, but after a little practice and a finer eye - the C-17, c-5, and KC-135 started to look different!
Since we couldn't get up close to the KC-135, (and we had already told CJ we were going to look at Daddy's plane) we looked at a ...Oh is the true test for Laura. Can she remember what plane we looked at? I want to say it was a C-141? ..uh oh..Is she right? I am either going to have a really proud husband because I got the plane right, or a really embarrassed husband because his wife got the plane wrong and now it is on our public blogspot.... We shall see. but anyway back to the plane, we looked at this big plane and realized just how small we are and how big these planes are! We even found out that they make good umbrellas...yes, a rain shower arrived and we took cover under the wing. CJ then had fun dancing in the puddles.

CJ and Preston decked out and ready to hit the pools!
CJ receiving his knighthood at the local park in Altus!
CJ driving his first rig. Clay says you have to start them out young.... then they can help Papa and Grandma on the farm by age three. Look out!

Father's Day with Daddy

Since Clay couldn't make it home for Father's day, his family decided to come to him! That's right, the whole Ward Crew bunked up with Daddy in his one room "hotel" for a week...yipee. We had make-shift beds for the boys (the play-n-pack for Preston and a sleeping bag for CJ) however, by morning we all ended up in the same bed. Hey, it's together time, right..quality time with Daddy!
Yes, we were sleeping like this, however, don't be fooled - there was not a fifth person in the room taking pictures! It was Clay and Laura having fun jumping in and out of bed, taking pictures of the funny situation, laughing at themselves, and not waking up the boys! The Adventures we have!
The little men finally stirrin' (and Laura making a funny face) getting ready for another big day in Altus!
CJ catching up on a little bit of Daddy time!
CJ helped Laura make a special Father's Day breakfast in bed for Daddy...toast, bacon and cereal. When you are limited to a only have to make do with what you've got! CJ sure enjoyed it, as he ate most of Daddy's breakfast while he was sitting next to him. What can you say?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Those Precious Moments

There are those precious moments in life that make parenting all worth while.... The first "I love you" or should I say "Wuv Ou", kisses, hugs, smiles, coos and giggles. Luckily, we were able to capture some of Preston's first smiles. When you see that little face look up at you and grin, all the sleepless nights, poopy diapers, spit-up mishaps, screaming fits, etc. all seem to melt away and disappear. CJ is such a good big brother. He is so proud of Preston. He is always asking about him and making sure he is okay. He loves it when Preston talks to him or touches him. CJ just giggles and smiles. We are so blessed to have two healthy cute boys.

You brought home a WHAT?

Clay came home Friday night with a special house guest! Apparently, Clay and his carpool buddy had acted as a good Samaritan, or so they claim. A turtle was on the side of the road next to a dead turtle, who apparently became this girl turtle's dead husband. And since the turtle was so sad that her husband had gotten smushed, she was now contemplating suicide herself on the side of the road..but thanks to Clay and his buddy, they found her and rescued her from her fate. The Next obstacle, which was much more difficult than the first might I add, was to convince Laura that she really wanted a pet turtle....

Laura was not quite ready for another pet attempt (she is still recovering from her mishaps with the dead fish; for those of you not familiar with that story, oh boy. Well in a nut shell - we thought it would be a clever gift for our 4 year old friend' s birthday to give him some gold fish. Yeah well, Laura ended up killing 7 fish in two weeks. Not all her fault mind you - but the scar still remains! If you want more details check out the Kilgore's blogspot on Zach's birthday) So, long story short.. Laura wasn't too thrilled to meet Clay's new found friend. However, Laura isn't completely without compassion and charity. She let the turtle stay inside overnight, well almost overnight, the turtle got kicked outside in the middle of the night when it woke up both Clay and Laura because it was making too much racket in it's box. The next morning, we took a nice family outing to the duck park where she dove into the pond. We are ALL glad that she is in a happier place...right Clayboy?