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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Old Historic RailRoad Tunnel Trail

On Saturday the Ward Crew and the Crittenden Crew (Connor is in CJ's Class at school...and their family has become good friends with ours!!  Jennifer said that she would rather have a root canal than be in pictures...but we snuck a few of her anyway!!) ventured to a hiking trail!!! It was an old abandoned railway line that was used during the construction of Hoover Dam that they have now converted into a hiking/biking trail. It was soo neat. The trail follows Lake Mead and goes through 5 tunnels. The hike is about 2.5-3.5 miles one way (depending on if you make it all the way to the dam). The kids had a great time hiking through the tunnels, climbing on rocks off the trail, and just being outside and exploring.  CJ even stumbled upon a "Geo Cache" which Clay (who learned from Kastin and Joslyn) was excited to tell us - was a notebook, ink pad and a pen that you sign and let people know you have been there - people leave these all over and you can go on line and try and find them like a treasure needless to say, Clay was pretty excited to see it!!! The weather was beautiful...sunny and warm in February!  I think we can get used to this Vegas weather!!! The kids had a nice thick layer of dirt from head to toe, tired legs, and a smile when we got to the, I guess we can say...after all was said and explored....It was a GOOD DAY!! I think we will be doing this trail again!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Laura's Third Valentine all honesty...Clay was first, not third...he was just the third one on the blog!!! Clay was so sweet..Laura was met by a beautiful bouquet of lilies, a motorcycle jacket, and a"Lauragirl" in vinyl on her helmet waiting for her on the kitchen table! She can't wait to ride with Clay on the motorcycle and look so cute sporting her new jacket and helmet...but in the mean time she is thinking of him an awful lot lately...those flowers' scent fill the house and the beautiful arrangement is decorating the table! Any man who says that fresh flowers is a waste of money because they die- don't know what they are talking about...there is nothing that will make your woman love you and think of you all day like fresh flowers in her house!!! I tell ya...they work magic in a woman's world...thank you honey - you hit Valentines Day spot on!!!

1st Grade Valentines Party

Our second party of the day was at CJ's school! Both Clay and Laura were able to organize and run the class valentine party! We had several other parent helpers too (thank goodness...) We made valentine's boxes, sucker butterflies, tissue paper flowers, and decorated cupcakes. The kids had a great time, the adults had a great time - success!!! (We were so busy with the different stations, we didn't have time to take a lot of pictures..but, we are waiting for one of the mom's to send me some pictures that she more to come!)  After we got home, CJ walked up to Laura and said, "Mom, I didn't make you a real valentine..but I want to give you this flower that I made...and I love you." He then handed Laura his tissue paper flower...  Well, take my breath away young man.... I love you too.  Laura proudly displays her tissue paper flower in a vase next to the kitchen sink where she smiles every time she has to do some dishes...thank you CJ.

Valentines Tea Party

Valentines Day Brought Lots of festivities...the first one - Preston's tea party at school.  They asked all the kids to dress up in their finest dress... it took a few days, but we convinced Preston to wear a black suit, vest and tie!  (He is more of a slacks and sweater-vest man...)  He looked sooo sharp in his suit...what a cute little valentine!!!  He was so sweet to us as he poured us lemonade, got us a cupcake and served us some fresh fruit!  What a great date to start the day!!! You are a perfect Valentine Preston!!!

Laura's Birthday

Laura is another year older and wiser!!!  Each of the kids drew and wrote Laura a nice note which she loved; Clay made her a cream cheese pie and took her out to Cafe Rio!!  And they all made her breakfast in a family!!!  Being together as a family made the day GREAT!!!!  Yipee.