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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Half-Time Hoopla!

Quick break from doing dishes! Ok Kids, hold still, say cheese.......Alrighty, that one was a keeper!

Splish Splash I was taking a ............Swim!

It's mid-April and the temperatures are getting to ninety on some days, so we figured that we'd better get CJ a pool. He took to it pretty quick and has been having lots of fun splashing around and playing with his toy boats.

Easter Time

Well, it's been a successful Easter, although it doesn't compare with the infamous egg hunts at Granny Wards house! CJ was able to participate in three different egg hunts; one at base housing, one with the Milton ward, and one here at home. It was a lot of fun and CJ got pretty good at finding the eggs and especially opening them to see what he won. With one of his eggs, he decided he would open it right in the middle of the ward egg hunt, and then must not have been too impressed with the contents. He put the egg back together and put it into the neighbor boys (Hunter's) basket. The next day at church Jed and Erin politely gave back to CJ the egg with his half-eaten candy inside.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

King of Bunker Hill

For the past few weeks CJ has been climbing on everything he possibly can. He's gotten quite good at it, and usually puts on a little show when he gets to the tops of whatever he is climbing on, i.e. the file box, the upside-down cloths hamper, utility boxes, you name it. He likes to do a little Irish jig when he gets on top and makes sure that we know that he 'Lives For Danger'.

CJ Wants to be a Fire Fighter Too!!

(click on a picture to enlarge it)

It seems as though CJ has been taking notes from Bryce and Kathy and wants to become a firefighter; at any rate he is quite skilled with the use of a garden hose.
As we were washing the car and pickup on Friday afternoon, Laura was having a lot of fun giving CJ the hose and letting him splash around with it. It was quite entertaining watching him, and he was obviously quite entertained, as well as soaked to the bone.

"Red Knight 163 Solo, Outbound"

Well, it's been an exciting week for flight training. Clay passed his checkride on Wednesday and then headed off into the wild himself. And yes, he cheated death once again and came back in one piece. He's now started aerobatics and will fly an aerobatics solo on Monday.
It was a stressful time getting to this point in training, but with the help and encouragement of a hot hunny and a cute little boy (Laura and CJ), the Ward family was able to get there.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

There Was once a Wise Man With A Stick......

(Click on a picture to enlarge it)

This weekend we went camping overnight with the Baileys (the couple with the boy CJ's age) in order to get the 'roughing it' experience, Southern Style. It was fun, even though it wasn't quite like camping back West. Here, everything is on a slightly smaller scale, i.e. the molehills are the mountains, and the ponds are the lakes. No Matter. It was fun to get outdoors and enjoy the atmosphere. We've heard that the place to go camping in Florida is on the beach, so we'll have to try that for our next venture.

CJ and Hunter had a lot of fun running around and playing in the pine needle piles. They were also mesmerized by the camp fire, which meant we had to do everything short of putting a leash on them in order to save from going on a trip to the hospital.