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Monday, October 22, 2007

Time to share the Love

All who know Laura, know of her addiction and love for OREOS! Laura decided that it was time to introduce Preston into the Oreo Clan.... (NOTE: CJ gained admittance while Clay was gone this summer in Altus. CJ and Laura would have Oreo and milk dipping parties... Laura called them bonding moments, Clay calls it, Feeding the Addiction) but whatever the case may is now Preston's turn to join and he LOVED it! You can witness for yourself from the pictures, that it was a messy, yet enjoyable moment for all! Preston went straight from the OREO to the tub!

Temporary House

Well, we actually made it to Spokane and then left again...but before we left, we managed to get a temporary house. This is our temporary duplex. We are waiting for a 3 bedroom place to open up, but in the mean time we are going to be calling this home. We are sooo excited that our stuff arrives on the moving truck this Wednesday, Oct. 24! We have had a lot of fun with family, gone to 2 weddings, mission homecoming, Red fish lake, but we are ready to get a place of our own again. CJ keeps asking when he is going to see his toys.... needless to say after 3 months...we are done with the homeless bit.

2 Tough Boys

The boys have been holding up so well through all the chaios. They are still smiling and having fun...what troopers! They are both growing up so fast, we can hardly believe it. CJ is two and a half and Preston is already 6 months. Where does the time go?

Red Fish Lake...calm before the storm

We decided to stop at Red Fish Lake on our way to Spokane. We had a great time on the paddle boats, dining at the lodge, staying in our own Authentic cabin, walking along the lake, and just enjoying being together. The weather was beautiful and sunny....nothing could have been better. We are sure glad that we had such a great time at Red Fish, because the route from RedFish Lake up to Spokane was full of adventure... We had tow dolly problems that delayed us a day, but we met the nicest people in the world in Challis, Idaho. Well, they saved our bacon, but had a foul mouth so we call them Angels with a dirty tougue.
When we finally made it to Spokane, we were met with the news that there isn't any 3 bedroom houses available and no time line as to when one would be available. Then, Clay's water survival got pushed back a month....aghhh... so a bunch of bad news, but we are still smiling and know that everything will turn out ok - eventually.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It's like a "Where's Waldo" book. Everytime you turn the page, we're in a different place....Oklahoma, Washington, Idaho, Florida....where will the next page take us?

It's been a fun time in Idaho. CJ's was able to get his fill of cows, sugarbeets, giant corn fields, and 4 wheelers. But I think the most fun was being so close to the cousins.


CJ and Preston were so glad to see kids again! Ever since we left Enid, CJ has been asking where are the little boys to play with? As Nana and Papa Smith only have big kids at home, CJ missed kids his size. However, at Grandma and Papa Ward's house there are plenty of kids to play with and more! They all had so much fun playing together. When Clay arrived, he added to the fun by putting up a tire swing for the kids (of all ages - Yes, Laura and Clay took a ride too!) to enjoy. We had fun riding 4 wheelers, scooters, jumping on the trampoline, playing with toys and sharing. They shared everything from toys to the stomach flu. Yep, we all got it - Grandma on down... all I can say is YUCK. It was awful. All I am going to say is.... the walk of shame is not a fun experience.

Janie's Wedding Day....Memories

After being a part for several weeks, we were finally reunited for Janie's (Clay's sister) wedding. Laura and the boys came from Washington, Clay from Oklahoma, and they met in Idaho! Now that we are together for a weekend...smooth sailing right? Not quite... there is always an adventure in the Ward Clan! Janie's wedding was a wonderful, yet crazy for us. It started out with a nose bleed...but not just a small nose bleed - 3 or 4 GUSHING nose bleeds. (The picture is one of the last of the nose bleeds and minor....all the blood had already come out. Laura finally had the sense and idea that we needed to capture this "funny" moment on camera so we could remember and laugh about it later! It might be funny then!) an explanation - CJ got his first nose bleed right when we showed up to take pictures and we were really good at containing the blood and not getting it on his white shirt and suit. However, we were not as successful with the subsequent 2 nose bleeds. CJ was tired and crying which didn't help the liquidity of the the next few episodes were disasterous. Red blood all over his white shirt...and I mean all over... Sleeves, collar, front, everything. What are we going to do? He can't be shirtless for the wedding and pictures... so we dug around in the diaper bag and luckily we had packed an extra shirt for Preston.... yeah, a good sized 2 1/2 year old fitting into a 4 1/2 month old shirt- it was a bit snug and showed quite a bit of mid-drift, but his vest covered him, so we went with it. If CJ's shirt looks alittle snug and doesn't fit with the outfit in the's because it doesn't! What can you do? But, all in all, it was a gorgeous day. Janie, Clay's sister and bride, looked Beautiful- the weather was perfect, we were all together as a family and extended family, so...yeah we had a little excitment among the day - who cares? Memories........
Clay and CJ watching the Bride and Groom.

At least Laura and Grand-Dad were ready!