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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Candy Bandit was just ONE OF THOSE DAYS at church! Trying to wrangle two boys, keep them in their seats, keep them semi-quiet, all the while trying to listen.... yeah, I really don't think I accomplished any of those (plus, it didn't help that the speakers went 20 minutes OVER!)....then it got worse! When I went into nursery to do singing time (yes, I am the primary chorister and usually the funnest time is singing with the nursery)..well, today the kids seemed to be off the wall...and yes, mine was THE worst...what the heck had gotten into this kid? I even jokingly said "who has been feeding this kid sugar?" The nursery leader immediately pipped up and said, "we just fed him crackers and water, promise!" I thought back to what he had had for lunch and sugar either. What was going on? This kid was going crazy, he couldn't/wouldn't sit still, was running all over the place, he was literally out of control...I haven't seen him like this, I was beside myself! I was mortified when I thought.....oh man, I still have a meeting after church, and I have this out of control child....(so I stood in the doorway for this very informal meeting, while CJ walked up and down the hall...he couldn't stand still...) When we finally got home, I was exhausted, the kids were tired, we were all STARVING, so...we set to work getting everyone happy. While I was trying to be super mommy, I decided I needed a little extra pump of energy because my tank was soo low - I reached for my stash of mini Reeses peanut butter cups (I keep them up on the counter in a dish) -it is used for such occasions as this..when I need that extra boost on the go. What did I find? IT WAS EMPTY!! That little dish had several pieces left in it... I know. I looked at CJ and asked, What happened to the candy? "I ate it" When? "When you were on the phone" Lights turned on! I had received a phone call not long before we left for church, he must have gotten a stool, climbed up and ate all the candy before heading to church. No wonder he was out of control! So, my question was finally answered, Who has been feeing this kid sugar? HE HAS! I stood there in the kitchen looking at CJ, and all I could do was laugh. Goodness, gracious. What a day. I'm beat.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Year Already?

I can hardly believe my baby is not a baby anymore...has it really been a year? That being said, I can hardly remember what life was like without Preston around. It is so fun to see Preston's little personality! He is such a joy! He is always smiling, laughing, or giving kisses. But, oh is he stubborn! (I don't know where he gets that!) He will clutch those little fists so hard and his whole little body shakes - it is hard not to laugh - oh..the passion! And as you can see from the pictures...that tongue is always sticking out! Here he is...our funny little man Preston who we love! We were all playing in the bedroom, when Preston got a hold of the cowboy hat and as I looked at him, I thought...oh, that is the cutest picture ever, he kept smiling, playing with the hat, scrunching it around his face...oh, those moments when I wish I just had a camera attached 24/7...but I ran and got the camera knowing full well that the moment was gone...but I still managed to get a couple cute ones!

ABC's and 123's

CJ has been working hard learning his letters and numbers! He can now sing all his ABC's and can count to....about 12 (sometimes he still misses a number or two, but he does really well!) Here is CJ's "F". Isn't it beautiful! I was so excited - I ran and got the camera! CJ kept wanting to write "F"s all day long. He has really caught the fire....just the other day, when we were in the parking lot, he stopped me and said, "Mom, A." As I looked, it was some lines painted in the parking lot in diagnals, but right there at the top, where the lines met was indeed was an A! I was thrilled - and impressed that he would pick that up! Now, He is pointing out letters everywhere. Good job CJ!

Hittin' the Road

Half way through Spring Break, we all hoped in the car and headed to Nana and Papa's house. As you can see from the pictures....everyone enjoyed themselves! Preston LOVED Nana's jello, CJ LOVED Papa and Shane's Motorcyle, and I loved the company! We had some pretty late nights - talking, laughing, watching movies, playing games, being silly - I think I am paying for it now, but it was well worth it! It is always a treat going to Mom and Dad's house. I love my Dad's barbecue...yum..and my mom and I love to go shopping together! It just not as fun to go shopping by yourself, plus Mom was a great helper in the stores for ideas, opinions, and taming the wild animals (the kids). Thanks for letting us come! It was a lot of fun!

Shaner Dude

Growing up we always called my "little" brother, Shane, "Shaner Dude"....but Shane is not a little boy any more! We were all very excited when we found out that he was willing to come to Spokane and spend some of his spring break hanging out with his older sister and two crazy kids! We had so much fun having Shane stay at our house for a few days. We played board games, watched movies, played in the snow, went on walks, talked, and laughed. While Shane was here we had an unexpected snow storm! The weather went from sunny and beautiful to snowing...crazy Washington weather!
With seven kids in our family, an opportunity for the youngest and one of the oldest siblings to get together one-on-one doesn't happen very often. I enjoyed every minute. Shane also helped a lot around the house while I was busy with the boys.....yes, I am very proud to tell you that my 16 year old brother cleans...and well! I was very impressed - thanks for all your help Shane, we loved having you here...CJ still talks about you and asks where you are! Come back anytime!