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Sunday, February 25, 2007

33 Weeks and Growing

Laura is now 33 weeks along and feeling great...well, big and great. We can't wait to meet the new little guy. We can hardly believe it is just a few weeks away! CJ is very excited about the idea of having a baby in the house. He loves the neighbor's, the Monks, little baby Clayton. Sure, maybe it's because they share the same name, we are hoping he just likes babies! CJ is still a little puzzled with Laura's big belly. He lifted her shirt up the other day to see what was under it and realized...its just BELLY! When we ask "Where is our baby?" He points to Laura's belly, but we just aren't sure how much he really understands....but for now - it works and we are all getting excited. Now...if we can only finalize a name for the little man, we will be set.

Monday, February 19, 2007

WIND....What Is It Good For?

President's Day came around with not a cloud in the sky and a stiff westerly wind, so the ClayWardCrew decided to put that wind to use! With a quick trip to Walmart, and a small glance at some assembly instructions, we set off for the soccer fields and put our Oklahoma wind to work. With this being our first experience with a steerable kite, and with "Danger" being our middle names, the natives fled for cover as the Ward Crew Wonders zoomed overhead.