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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't Shoot your Eye Out

Laura's dream came true this year for her birthday...Clay got Laura - drum roll please.... her very own, lever action 200 shot range model (baby pink) air rifle!! Laura and the boys have been chomping at the bit waiting for the perfect opportunity to try out the new gun! So, when Saturday morning came, the sun was shining, everyone was home -the time had a arrived! After a good tutorial on gun safety (presented by our very own Clay Ward) we set off to the backyard....where the boys had so graciously set up targets for us to shoot...not your average targets mind you, but squirrels with targets, squirrels with guns, handmade circle targets, etc. They were the best I have ever seen! I was very impressed. We had a great time taking turns trying to kill the evil squirrels!! Happy Birthday Laura! May all your dreams come true!!

The Great Flood Ditch

There are these huge ditches all over San Antonio...and we were wondering what they were for. Well, we found out!!! We had some really good rain storms and the ditch filled with water. We all had a fun time putting on our puddle boots and jackets - heading out the door and having a good stomp in the ditches!!! As we were out enjoying the rainstorm, we looked around and we were the only ones outside...are we crazy or just the only ones who know how to have fun in the rain??? Who knows???

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Girly Car Cake

With 2 brothers in the house, Aparri is surrounded by "boy" toys...and yes that means that one of Aparri's favorite things to play with is cars. And Since Aparri loves her little car that she got for Christmas so much...we thought it would be cute if we made a little car cake with a girl turned out really cute. The only bad thing about the cake - it didn't have the real messy frosting that gets all over the kids faces as they dive into the cake...but oh well...less mess to clean up! The boys were really jealous that Aparri got a whole cake to herself...and they have now vowed that they want their "own" cake for their birthdays!

Our little Princess all worn out from all the birthday fun.

Aparri's Big Day

Aparri is ONE...holy cow. When did that happen? It feels like she was just born, and now she is a big girl, walking around, laughing, playing on the computer, eating birthday alive! It was fun to watch her as we brought our her presents, openned them, and having all the attention on her. She knew something special was going on...and she was so gracious even when it seemed like everyone else was opening her presents!!! was really cute.

Kids and Adults can play like Kids!!

On Monday, we let CJ stay home from school so that he could come with us when we took Stan and Amy to the Children's Museum (We tried to have Clay play hookie...but that doesn't work when you have to fly!!). We had a blast being silly and playing with all the fun toys. We rode a tractor and dumped rocks, flew airplanes, CJ star-ed in his first play (narrated by Grandma.....pretty hilarious!!), Grandpa taught Aparri how to slide down a banister, and we pushed all of our faces into an inprint times!!!

Next Stop on our tour.....

The next place we took our guests was to the temple, Alamo, and the Riverwalk. Clay and Stan were able to do a session at the temple while Laura and Amy took the kids shopping. We then met up and headed into downtown San Antonio where we visited the Alamo. The kids loved to look at the huge fish in the stream and then climb and play on the cannons. After we saw enough of the Alamo, we headed to the Riverwalk...which happened to be under construction...perfect for our kids....our kids love tractors! So, yes - the riverwalk was not your typical romantic experience rather it was all boy - big rigs scooping and dumping rocks....our kids were fascinated and didn't want to leave.....later that evening when we asked them, "What was your favorite part of the day?" The response was unanimous.."THE TRACTORS!!!"