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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Family picture Time!

We are a little late this year, but better late than never!! We usually try and get our family picture taken every May...our anniversary is our family picture taking time reminder!!  This year...after 100+ shots...we got 2 decent shots, whew...holy cow!  Laura and Clay thought they were on candid camera or something with two boys who like to wrestle, tease, stick out their tongues, do bug eyes, and pull their little sisters is a miracle that we got 1 good picture!  Whew...glad that is done!!

4th of July Fireworks and Festivities

This 4th we did a few traditional things and a few non-traditional things.  For starters, it was a wet and blistery morning/afternoon and we were worried about the evening fireworks and fun we had planned (of all the days for it to rain in Vegas!!)- but weather didn't scare or intimidate the boys as they headed to the pool anyway for an afternoon dip...while the girls stayed home and took a nap.  In the Evening, we got together with our good friends, The Crittenden Family.  We had a non-traditional 4th of July dinner...lasagna, garlic bread, salad, jello, and brownies...but with the cool wet afternoon it turned out to be perfect!  After a yummy meal and some play time - we headed over to the base festivities...bounce houses, food, rides, and the firework show.  The rain in the earlier part of the day ended up being just perfect, because it cooled everything down, but cleared out in time for the fun to go on and the firework show to go on as planned!!!  We were in good company, ate good food, and enjoyed some fun festivities... GREAT 4th of July!  Happy Independence Everyone!!

Yes, Laura squished herself into the kiddy ride too!!!  The younger kids wouldn't ride without her...and hey, it was fun - so Laura wasn't complaining!!

Our Pink Riding Girl!

Some good friends of ours passed this cute Barbie bike down to Aparri several months ago - and she fell in love with it instantly! She ALWAYS wants to ride it...but riding it meant that either Mom or Dad had to push her because she hadn't quite got the pedaling thing down yet.  Well, we are here today, proud to tell you (and Mom and Dad's backs are screaming with joy!!), because Aparri has now mastered pedaling her own bike!!! YIPEEE...  and I don't think anyone is prouder than Aparri herself...can you tell?  She is independent heaven!