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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Months of Prune Fingers

 Summers in Las Vegas are HOT, HOT, HOT... and when people ask, "How do you like it there in Las Vegas with all that heat?"  We reply, "We love it!"  We LIVE at the POOL!  We go from Air Conditioned House to Air Conditioned Car to Air Conditioned Store and back, or we are at the pool.  When we say we lived at the pool this summer, we aren't exaggerating... it was the perfect place to cool down, release energy, socialize with friends, and have fun as a family...what else could you ask for???  Well, I guess you could ask for an underwater camera to capture it all and waa laa...we are set - now we can share the fun!

20 weeks and BLUE Slushees

You just got to love it when your 7 year old comes up to you and says, "Boy Mom, your belly sure is coming in nice!" CJ makes us laugh!!! Yes, the belly has begun to grow...and we are now half way to delivery date!!  We were pretty excited to be 20 weeks along and find out what our next little munchkin will be!!  And low and behold...Laura and Aparri are going to be severely outnumbered now....we have another little boy on the way!  We are all very excited.  Since we live in Las Vegas our two favorite things this summer has been slushies from 7-11 and the, after the ultrasound, Clay and Laura, let the kids know if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl by the color of "slushee" they got.  When Preston turned the corner and saw a whole bunch of blue slushies, he ran out of the room screaming, "It's a BOY, the baby is going to be another BOY, It's a BOY"  We also thought a belly shot from the pool was also appropriate since the baby has lived most of it's life  up to this point in the pool!