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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Street

Here's our street, Panorama style! Our house is the one in the middle. If you look close enough, you'll see Laura, CJ, and Preston standing in the yard.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sledding After The Big Snow!

Well, we just had our first Big storm of the winter season. Apparently it was also one of the biggest snow storms in Spokane's history. We got about two and a half feet of snow and it's been a lot of fun! Most of Thursday was spent digging out of the snow, then Clay went with some of the squadron members and helped dig some other people out while Laura took the boys outside and played with the neighbor kids. Friday, Clay didn't have to go in to work, in fact, most of the base had a day off due to the snow. We were really excited because Grandma and Papa Ward were going to spend the weekend with us, but unfortunately their flight got canceled earlier today. It was a big bummer, but we'll have to get 'em up here again soon!
We hit the big hill this afternoon to do some sledding (It isn't a Real Big hill, unless you're a three year old, then everything is Big). It was lot's of fun and most of the kids there live on our street, which was even better. Anyways, i'll shut up now.

Christmas Lights on OUR house!

We decided together that this year, we were going to put lights up...and not just one strand, but several! Clay even went up on the roof several times! We weren't too smart as to our planning though... we put the lights up on the one and only day it snowed that week....yeah, that would be our luck...but they went up, they look beautiful, and no one got hurt...maybe a little frozen, but no permanent damage done!

CJ was a great helper, he stayed in the back of the pickup and called orders from there...he wanted to be sure to stay warm and dry from the snow.

Putting up the Tree

The Boys had a great time helping put up the tree this year. CJ couldn't wait to put the top on..Preston was just excited to see a tree inside our house!