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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Early Halloween Pumpkins

As soon as we starting seeing pumpkins at the grocery store, we were anxious to get some, and decorate them. Since we are still several weeks away from Halloween....we decided to color/ draw on our pumpkins with permanent marker....we were going to paint until we realized that we didn't bring any of our paints or paint brushes with us to San we went with the next best thing..permenant marker! The pumpkins turned out really cute...everyone had their own unique twist of decor!

The Riverwalk and The Alamo

Saturday we ventured to Downtown San Antonio where we walked along the riverwalk, which isn't very peaceful or relaxing when you go with 3 children...there isn't a guard or rail between the sidewalk and the needless to say, we spent the whole time trying to keep Preston from taking a nose dive into the river (and he would too...that kid loves water and doesn't hesitate to jump right in at any opportunity.)

So, in order to keep the adults sane, we stopped in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store and bought ourselves a little treat, and we couldn't buy ourselves a treat and not the kids, so we let them pick out a small treat, but wouldn't you know it..the boys picked out the bigger and more expensive chocolate, now we had the riverwalk with 2 hyped up children...goodness, you'd think we would smarten up after a few years...but hey, but we all sure enjoyed the chocolate!

After our chocolate splurge, we took a gander over to the Alamo. The grounds were beautiful and well cared for. It was nice to see and view a piece of history.

After all that walking the boys were exhausted and just wanted a drink!!! As you can see from the look on their faces, even a smile for the picture was asking too much at the end of the day! But, hey, at least they are looking at the camera...we'll take that!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

San Antonio's Hot Spots

So far, we have been able to visit the zoo and Sea World here in San Antonio. We had a wonderful time seeing the animals. Preston loved the Hippo and honestly, I think the Hippo loved Preston too...

Sea World was a neat adventure. We saw Shamu, Elmo and his Sesame Street friends, dolphins, sharks, crocodiles, acrobats, divers, and a silly man who kept sitting on a water fountain (which the boys loved and wanted to get their picture taken with....) We were able to go to Sea World with our friends the Fullers, Josh, Jodi, Zeke, and Lily; and the Shepherds, Joel, Amy,and Raegan; All Good friends from Spokane who are all temporarily here in Texas like us!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Thoughtful Spot of Texas

On our LOOOONG Drive from Washington State down to Texas...we made several stops. One of our stops was just off the side of the road somewhere in the middle of Western Texas....and we had a nice time watching turtles in a pond, looking at flowers, and just being out of the car for a few minutes.....the kids were angels. I couldn't believe how well they did in the car. They still had smiles on their face and as chipper as travelers!!

The Biggest Puddle Ever

I knew it was only a matter of time before a puddle like this and Preston met....where there lies a puddle, Preston will find it...the bigger the better. So, when we found Preston in this HUGE puddle, it was no surprise that he was in HEAVEN....loving the mud, splashes, stomps, etc.

Even CJ couldn't resist the puddle, he came out - shirt off and no shoes to join in the fun.

Then, came Daddy with the 4 wheeler...who also can't resist riding through a good puddle.

Well, I guess we know where they get it from!!

On the Farm Toys

Aparri loved the four-wheeler. She was dying to get on and once she did...she didn't want to get off. She was so comfortable sitting there in the drivers seat...she loved it! She had a perma grin...

Toys are different out here on the farm...instead of your traditional dolls and toy trucks - - they have real tractors and trucks, four wheelers, and heaps of equipment to explore....never a dull moment when there are hammers to bang, cousins to run around with, or dirt to play in.

Ward Family Gets Together

We were so glad that we could stop in to Dietrich on our way to Texas and witness and participate in Janie (Clay's sister) and Johnny's little boy, Bryce's baby blessing. It was nice to see everyone, spend time with family, meet boyfriends, etc. before we move across the country.