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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Snow or Ice anyone?

The Big Ice and Snow storms here in Oklahoma did not stop or hinder the Ward family from playing....oh no! CJ wouldn't stand for it...we were all outside bundled up playing on the snow, slipping on the snow and even eating the snow. We were shocked to see how much snow and ice CJ ate - he ate more than he played...but, don't worry, we made sure to steer him away from the yellow snow or ice (or at least we tried!)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Icy Fun!! (I See Fun!!)

CJ had fun over at Zach & Ty's house in the afternmath of 'The Ice Storm Of Doom!!!'. They had fun sliding down the driveway on cardboard boxes and various other implements of danger (Those boys Live For Danger!)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Yeee Haaaa...Cowboy

I think these pictures pretty much speak for themselves... while in Dietrich, CJ had a great time dressing up as a cowboy.....yee haaa. These pictures were just too cute not to share!

Reunited for Christmas

On Christmas Eve, after having been separated for a week, the Clay Ward Crew was reunited in Idaho, or paradise, as Clay calls it ... however, coming from the Caribbean - Laura had a little different opinion as to what Paradise really was... but, nonetheless we were happy to be together again!

We had our own version of the Christmas story, narrated by Grandpa Stan Ward and enacted by CJ (the shepard), Evan (Joseph), Taylor (Mary), and Maydin (the angel). The kids did a great job. We had to take the picture quick because the costumes didn't stay on long!

Here we are Christmas Morning in our new Christmas PJs. If it looks like we just woke up... well we did! CJ's all perky, I'm not quite sure about Clay and Laura.

Here is the Family...Stan, Amy, Grand dad, Janie, Joslyn, Rhein, Leslie, Josh, Clay, Laura, CJ, Maydin, Kastin, and Kelly. (from left to right, starting with the top row)

Clay was very excited to be in the snow again and couldn't resist hitting the slopes while we were in Idaho. So, Matt (Joslyn's boyfriend), Joslyn, Janie, Dad, Patrick (Clay's long time buddy), and Clay all went to Pomerelle and skied until they couldn't stand up any more. Thank goodness there were no casualties, well, except for Dad's new camera...oops.

To the Caribbean and Back

On December 15th, CJ and Laura strapped on their packs and headed to New Orleans where they met the Smith Clan, boarded the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship and headed off. CJ had a great time not only packing around his back pack, but Mommy's too! What a man! That's what I call "Gentlemanly Like Behavior!" (for all those Pride and Predjudice nuts).

Laura and CJ had a great time hanging out with the Smith Clan for a week - the cruise was just an added perk!!

They went swimming, watched dolphins, met the natives, ate fabulous food, met one of the original Monkeys (the drummer, I think!), went snorkeling, etc. What a tough life.

From the report, Laura and CJ had a blast, but next time Laura said she is going to exchange Clay for CJ and have a RELAXING vacation.