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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

2 Crazy Boys and their Parents

How do people do it? How can you get a family picture with two squirming boys? AGHH. Sorry, we haven't posted in a while, it's been busy, but I think we are getting life under control. Also, sorry for all the posts in one day, BOTH boys are sleeping (I can hardly believe it!!) and I am taking advantage of the moment. I'm not sure when I will get to it again...Mommy time!!!

Mother's Day and Preston's Blessing

How often do you get to spend mother’s day with your mom after your married? Not often, so Laura was excited to have her mother with her. Mother’s day started out perfectly! Papa and Clay made breakfast in bed for Nana and Laura –Pancakes with strawberries and coolwhip (Nana’s staple food – she’s crazy about the stuff), and a side of wheat bread…yum. Everything was cooked perfectly, it was delicious. Then, we took family pictures outside (which is very important to Laura) and headed off to church where Preston was blessed. What better way to celebrate motherhood than by witnessing your husband and father giving your new son a name and blessing. Wow. It was beautiful. Later that afternoon we enjoyed a wonderful meal of barbecued chicken and shrimp (thanks to the Thorups who let us borrow their barbecue and thanks to Papa and Clay who went over in the dark the night before and cooked it for us!).

Here Come the Men!

After the girls had been alone in the house eating raspberry and orange slime, soup, bagels, and wheat bread (all the things our men don’t particularly like, but we love – and amazingly Laura and Nana like the same things) the men were coming home. It was an exciting day! Clay drove up from Altus and picked up Papa from the airport. Nana and Laura were excited to be reunited with their men; CJ and Preston were excited to see Daddy and Papa. It was a great reunion by all. We had a full house for the weekend. We did yard work, went to Leonardos (which is a hands on kids museum…it’s awesome!), picked out flowers for the yard, barbecued, went to the park, and just loved being together.

Nana Comes to Town

CJ was a little confused, is it Nana or Santa? Sometimes when grandparents come into town it's hard to tell!!! Laura loved having Nana around to talk to, clean, shop, eat, walk, help with babies, and just keep her company.
The first night that Nana was here Laura and her stayed up until past midnight just talking! It was soo much fun. Slumber party for the next two weeks! Girl talk…fabulous. They also had a great time eating all the foods that they loved and their husbands don’t. CJ also enjoyed Nana – she brought a whole set of CARS figures and CJ got a new one every day. Nana played cars with CJ non-stop. What a life! We also got Nana hooked on our new tradition: Popcorn and Everybody Loves Raymond!