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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Photo shoot

The boys and Mom were all playing together in the bedroom....when Laura heard a little boy say, "Mom, we are both in here together, you better go get the camera and take our picture"....Good idea CJ! Both of the boys had crawled into a little compartment under their they were happy and contained...Perfect situation for a picture. So the following are the favorites from the photo shoot Lesson to self...when the kids request their picture as fast as you can to get the doesn't happen very often!


We had a fabulous Easter together as a family. The Easter Bunny visited our home....the boys loved their new PJs and had to put them on RIGHT away! Laura was happy with the Easter bunny, except for one detail....the GREEN Grass....Laura was sure that she had that detail under control....but no. It still appeared....somehow it always finds it's ways into the cracks. The Easter bunny said, "how can it be Easter without fake grass?" and the Easter bunny helper replied, "Easter came and went just fine last year without it (when someone was deployed). So the deal was...the one who insists....gets to clean it up. Well...lets just say....maybe we won't have fake grass next year!

Preston's TWO!

Trains, Tractors, Motorcycles.....Preston Loves them all! We can't believe our little man is two. Preston adds so much life into our family. Preston's smile is contagious...and makes people laugh where ever we go. He is Mr. Personality....however, his giggles sometimes gets us into trouble. For church today, we had a hard time controlling him...he was totally flirting with this little girl two rows up and was giggling up a storm, and these were not the he, he, laugh under you breath giggles...these were down right laugh- out - loud, cute when you aren't in church giggles. Yes, I am grateful he wasn't screaming or having a tantrum...but, his giggles were also disruptive. As we tried to get him to quiet down...everyone took turns looking...and of course, everyone looking and giving him attention didn't help the problem.....oh no. Attention FED the giggles...oh boy. Got to love Him.

Enjoying Spokane

The boys love to feed the we had a bunch of old bread in the freezer that we have been saving up for such an occasion. However, that bag of bread went really fast....those ducks were hungry (so was Preston....we caught him eating the bread several times rather than feeding the ducks.) The boys also love puddles. We just can't keep them out of it. They love to fly airplanes in the puddles, splash, drive their lawn mower, etc... mud and puddles - makes them happy. TRUE BOYS. (side note...if you look closely in one of the pictures you will see a mountain goat...this is a really special goat! You push a button and it turns on this vacuum that sucks up garbage! You put your garbage by his mouth/ nose and it sucks it up into the dumpster behind him! Hilarious! CJ (and mom and dad of course!) had a great time watching the goat suck up anything they could find laying around...Preston however, wouldn't have anything to do with the garbage sucking goat!)

CJ and Mommy Date

CJ and Laura went on a date! CJ and Laura talked about what they were going to do on their date for a week...CJ planned where they were going to go, what they were going to do, etc. When the day arrived, both were very excited. First stop was the bookstore! CJ said that he wanted to go to Barnes and Nobles. Laura thought she knew why he wanted to go with the train table...but CJ had a better idea. He walked in, went straight to the display of trains, picked out the yellow tractor looking one...and said, "Ok...I'm ready to go. I want to buy this." Laura just laughed....not only had CJ remembered that toy from a few weeks previous when they had come to Barnes and Nobles, but he planned it out on how he was going to come back and bring it home! Smart man. Next stop was the Spokane Temple. CJ was a little upset when Mom said they couldn't go inside, but they walked the grounds, chatted about the temple, and then went into the lobby....CJ was thrilled. Next stop...Taco Bell! Laura wasn't complaining, she loves Taco Bell too! Finally, the toy store. They looked around, played with several toys, and then left empty handed, but that is ok...the yellow tractor from Barnes and Nobles was waiting in the car! All in was a very successful date. I do believe there will be a second!