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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Our Little Superhero!

We made an attempt to go to Pensacola beach yesterday. When we left Milton it was nice and warm and sunny, but of course when we got close to the beach the clouds came in and it was a little colder and cloudier than expected. We didn't bring our jackets, so that's why Laura is wearing a towel and CJ is wearing a blanket a.k.a. superhero cape. Though it was cold, it was a lot of fun hangin' out on the beach with the Bailey's for a bit, and helping Jed build a sand castle. CJ and Hunter also had fun "helping" their parents with the finer details of the castle.

Books and Bronco

CJ has developed a love for his books. Now that we have trained him not to rip the pages, but to turn them... we feel comfortable letting him "read" by himself. He often goes and reads the stories on his own- we sometimes spy on him and can't help but smile as we listen to his cute narratives. Every now and again we can contain his energy (usually when he is tired and ready for bed!) and he will sit and read with mom and dad.

In between his flights, Clay needs to stay physically fit. So.. while doing push ups the other night, CJ decided to "help" Daddy by giving him a little extra resistance and getting a free ride in the process!! The good news is.. he only got bucked off twice! Ride 'em cowboy!

Checkin' Out the T-34C 'Turbomentor'

Last weekend we, along with our friends Jed, Erin, and little Hunter Bailey, decided to go see the planes that Clay and Jed fly for training. It was a lot of fun for the boys to show Laura and Erin the controls and they had fun showing the boys how to look good in a plane! CJ and Hunter also had a blast sitting in the cockpits and playing with all of the buttons, knobs, and controls.
Clay has started flying! He flew two flights a little over a week ago and is steadily improving in his abilities, at least the second flight was a lot better than the first flight. He wasn't able to go flying all this past week because of bad weather. He was scheduled three different days and struck out.
Laura has been quite busy these past two weeks with Young Womens as well as taking command of the community play group. At the beginning of this last week she and her counselors took the girls on a five mile hike through the wilds of Florida, then the next day she assisted her counselor, Tina, in putting together an excellent ettiquette dinner/ fashion show for mutual. It was really good. Also this week she was given the responsibility over the community play group which meets every week and is an excellent time for the kids, and the moms, to socialize.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Training is Getting Exciting!

Well, it has finally begun. Today Clay had his first event out on the flight line. No, he didn't fly today, but he met his 'On-Wing', which in Navy terms means the instructor that Clay will be flying with. The instructor took Clay around and showed him how a typical preflight would take place; from the briefing, to weather, to aircraft issue, as well as preflight. Basically today was the last event before Clay actually gets to strap a plane to his back and go flying (which is supposed to take place sometime in the upcoming week).

A couple of nights ago Clay brought his helmet and oxygen mask home and demonstrated it to Laura and CJ. CJ was a little worried that dad had turned into some kind of monster/alien. He was much happier when the helmet and mask came off.

We had some fun earlier today When Laura tried on Clay's flight gear, including the helmet and mask, and strutted around the house Top Gun Style! Also, along with CJ recently learning how to fold his arms for prayer, wave good bye, and clap, he has also learned how to salute. So yes, in that last picture CJ really is saluting of his own accord, even though his facial expression is a little lathargic.