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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4 wheelers, bailers, combines...oh my!

 A ride on any and all machinery the kids possibly can is also a favorite!!!  Grandma gave the kids rides on the 4 wheeler, Uncle Trever gave the kids a ride on the bailer, and Papa gave the kids a ride on the combine.  Heaven, sheer kid heaven...their smiles were hard to capture on the camera because they were sooo big!  They will be talking about this for weeks!!!  Papa even let each kid drive the combine - from the look on their faces..they felt very much in control!! "Look at me, driving this big rig"  Wow, what a treat.

Sayin' Hello to the Farm

 We all love to visit Grandma and Papa on the farm, so we were all glad that Idaho was on the way from Washington to we could stop in for a visit on the way to our new home!   Our favorite thing in Idaho is to see the Grandparents, of course, but we also love the endless supply of dirt, rocks, and cousins to play with!  The ditch is always a favorite too!!!  We can't keep the kids out of it - for example... we weren't here 5 minutes before Preston was sailing his crocs down the ditch!!! NOOOO...that is his only pair of shoes that aren't packed...aghh.  We chased it down the ditch, but couldn't find it.....until the next morning (whew...).  We found it floating at the end of the ditch down by the pump.  When asked why he put his croc in the ditch, Preston replied, "I just wanted to see it float down the river!"  BOYS!!!

 The cousins had a new surprise on this visit...they had a new puppy...well, you guessed it - Preston was in heaven.  He loved that little thing.  He held it, talked to it, wrapped it up, etc.  Some of the cousins wanted to teach the little thing how to the end of the day, Laura decided the little thing had endured enough and rescued it from the, Laura likes dogs - just doesn't LOVE them, but let me tell you..she sure enjoyed holding that little pup....she had a hard time giving it back too!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beautiful Park Pictures.....sort of!

 We were at this beautiful park, and Laura thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some cute pictures of the kids with such amazing background and scenery....well, the kids had other plans!!!  We got a few cute ones...but the boys were more interested in riding the garden hose storage cart than taking pictures...figures!!!

Breakfast in bed and Bonfire

 We spent the last few days at Nana and Papa's House...playing, playing, & more playing!  To treat the kids, Nana and Papa made them breakfast in bed (after Shane left...the kids were soooo excited to sleep in his big king size bed- so was Laura, but she got quickly kicked out by the kids!!!).  The kids were so surprised to have breakfast in bed, it took them a minute to figure out what was going on!  But, when they finally woke up enought to realize - hey....this is a good thing - they were so excited.  Then later that afternoon, Preston and Papa prepared a bonfire for us...we roasted hotdogs and marshmellos.... John next door was nice enough to eat one of our roasted "Monster Marshmellos"  - Have you seen those?  They are not the typical campfire marshmellos...these suckers are HUGE - Jumbo things...enormous....Laura thought they were the greatest things ever - and tasted really good too!!!  Fun times!!!  We are getting ready to start our trek south to Las Vegas - where the work begins!!!