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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Rollie Pollie Baby

Preston is a rollie pollie NUT. He loves them...and my goodness they run rampant in our needless to say, Preston is very happy in the backyard. Today, Preston and Mom made a nice rollie pollie boat....aka..bucket full of rollie pollies...and the bucket was very full- there were tons today! But, then Preston said, "Mom, let's do school and find out all we can about Rollie Pollies..and what they eat" So..we took a break from our hunt, and went to the computer. We found out that rollie pollies eat decomposing, Preston wanted to feed his rollie pollies some we got the old broccoli from the fridge and fed his little friends.....oh the joys of life!

Exploring Texas Wilderness

We took our "day off" and ran into the wild of Texas! We found some exploration worthy territory and off we went....that is all you need when you have a handful of energetic kids. In the morning, we went for a run/ CJ bike that took us to a local rustic hill full of bamboo and cactus that lead to a muddy drainage ditch that ended up with an under road bridge that had cement dividers that made our voices echo. In the afternoon, we found a park that had some great play equipment, but across the street was the Texas Wild...okay, we stayed on the trails...but the Texas wild trails...that the kids loved. We found fire ants, of course (can you go ANYWHERE in Texas and not find them...well, maybe the swimming pool..but then again, they are probably there too!), more cactus, several good hiding spots and forts, perfect snack spot, and Preston thinks reindeer poop. After all our adventures, the boys made the comment.... We have been doing this all day...walking, exploring, playing...THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY EVER! Well...there you go. Our President's Day was walking in the wilderness and the GREATEST DAY EVER, how was yours?

Texas' Snow

Well, our winter here in Texas has been extremely MILD compared to what we are used to in the North West. We did have a little storm come through the first week of February...and the boys made a nice little snowman with ALL the snow they could gather from the concrete slab in the backyard.

Even though we did get a little bit of snowfall- the boys were still aching for some more thank heavens for Universal City, Texas!!! They have an annual snow festival! They bring in the snow and have a ball in 70+ degree weather! We went sleding, tubing, snowball throwing (BIG SIGN said NO FIGHTS... although Preston got a few good hits in...), snow angels, bounce houses, face/hand painting(Preston doesn't like his face painted?) and even topped the night off with a tractor pulled hayride...all in all it was a great afternoon - where else on earth can you go sledding and enjoy the snow in shorts and t-shirts

Mini Vacation

Well, since Laura and Aparri were taking the long flight home, we felt like they better stay a few extra days after the funeral to spend some time with the family!!! So, that is exactly what they did!

The early plane ride and the time change took a toll on poor Aparri. While getting ready for church, she laid down and fell asleep on the floor of the bathroom.... that is VERY uncharacteristic of Aparri - so we knew she must have been truly exhausted!!!

Grandma Smith and Linda Erickson both happened to be visiting WA while Laura was there Laura was able to spend time with them - shopping, celebrating Becky's 21st birthday, celebrating Grandma's 87th Birthday, going to Multnomah Falls, giving Grandma a face mask, visiting Bryce and Amy with their new baby boy, Grayson, and stomping around the woods in puddle boots!!

Grandma Kerr's Funeral

Laura's Grandma, Marjorie Kerr, passed away on January 21st. Clay was nice enough to stay home with the boys and hold down the fort, while Laura and Aparri flew to WA and then drove with Laura's family down to Oregon for the funeral. Laura was so grateful to be able to go and be there for the funeral to honor such an amazing woman. Grandma will be greatly missed, but we are so happy that she is reunited with our Grandfather and her sweetheart.