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Monday, January 21, 2008

First Tooth and Crawling

Our little happy man, hasn't been very happy reason was he got his second haircut...not a happy moment. The second reason was a little white thing that poked through on his bottom gum line...yup - a TOOTH! - he won't let us in his mouth no pictures! But, trust's there! Preston has also discovered a new found freedom - he is CRAWLING! Yes, Preston is officially on the move. Oh man, that means keeping everything not Preston appropriate up off the ground - or doors to the basement shut.

Winter Wonderland that we call Spokane

Is this normal? That is the question we keep hearing in regards to how much snow we are getting...and our answer is WHO KNOWS??? We will see in the next couple of years if the winters match up... So far, we have had TONS of snow... Right now, I bet we have 2 feet of snow accumulated in our front and back yard. It has snowed, froze, rained, and snowed again. So, a lot of the snow is packed can even hold the adults! Clay and CJ went sledding on a big hill here on base this morning - sorry no pictures - but we did get this cute one of CJ all bundled up ready to go! Preston looked so cute in his hat, we had to snap a picture of him too!

My Little Potty

All CJ wanted from Santa Claus was a "Little Potty". On Christmas Morning CJ's Christmas wish was granted! Now, in the aftermath of Christmas, we are working hard on putting that potty to use. If only Santa had been kind enough to leave us a "how to" manual. CJ has actually been doing really well. He is excited about sitting on his little potty and he proudly does a "Mommy/ Daddy look" and proceeds to do a Vanna White hand wave as he shows us his success! It is so fun to see his satisfaction and excitement! He is quickly becoming a pro - he even has the "I have to read books on the toilet" mentality down - who taught him that? Maybe there are just some things that are innate!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

With Wondering Awe....CJ saw

Well, The boys had a pretty good Christmas. CJ was awakened at about seven-thirty by a strange noise coming from right outside of his window. He awoke just in time to hear Santa Clause riding away, saying "Ho Ho Ho" and ringing his jingle bells. Needless to say CJ was quite estatic to have been able to 'Almost' catch that Jolly Ol' trespasser in the act.

Preston enjoyed his first Christmas on record. He loved all of the wrapping paper and ribbon. He also was blessed to have a couple of extra hands there to help him get to all of that paper and ribbon.

The Ward's Nativity

A family tradition we continued this year was to dress up and reenact the nativity on Christmas Eve. Since we decided to stay home in our new house for Christmas this year... our nativity was a little scarce...but cute! We had Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and a lone Shepard (the essential characters!) At first CJ looked like a Jamaican Shepard, but with a little help from Mom, he ended up looking like a traditional Shepard.