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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dollar Ride

This week Clay had his first flight in the Mighty T-1! It was a lot of fun to fly, and definitely a lot of work. It make you appretiate the need to have more than just one person in the plane in order to get it off of the ground. Clay was pretty wiped out after the flight, and after a 12 hour day anyways he just wanted to crash; however, the next day was another flight and another 12 hour day. It makes you appreciate the weekends just that much more!

Bubble Bath

CJ had his first experience with bubble bath this week, and he loved it....once he got used to it! He was a little confused at first when he couldn't see the water, but once he got some hand's-on experience he was 'good to go'.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fun at the Fair

This weekend the fair came to Enid! So we came to the fair. It was your typical county fair with lots of animals, FFA, crafts, etc... We went with our neighbors, the Kilgore's, who also have two little boys. They had lots of fun chasing animals, riding tractors, and even digging for potatoes. In the corner of the expo center there were little pens of chickens, pigs, and a little sand box with buried potatoes in it. Next to each pen was a little display that showed different food products which come from those animals/taters and an explaination on how they become food. It was lots of fun for CJ and his friends. They also had a little petting 'ZOO' for little kids that was full of ducks, geese, and rabbits (a zoo because when the kids got in there they [the kids] went nuts).
The boys had fun playing on the tractors and fire truck and were making dilligent efforts to get the tractor started.