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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Preston's Great Escape

Every mother knows that there is definitely something wrong when it is too quiet...well, that is exactly what we found out the other night! Clay just got home from work, Laura was making dinner, CJ and Preston were helping roll out the pizza dough, and they were anxiously telling each other all about their day. After a few minutes Preston got bored with the conversation and wandered off...(We usually keep the front door locked...but it had just been opened because Clay got home). All of a sudden, we realized it was too quiet and went looking for where Preston had wandered off to...usually it is to his room to play with toys...nope empty! Now, we were all moving faster through out the house looking and calling for him... and where should we find him? In the front yard, holding up his apron - so it wouldn't get dirty!, and stomping around in the never ending snow pile in the front yard with his socks. We were so grateful to see that sight...knowing Preston, he could be halfway down the street at that point...the little man is quick. He looked so funny out there in his little apron, holding it up, that we had to take a picture!

Special Time with Grandma

Our Angel Mother loves to come and help us when we have babies and it is such a blessing to have her when Nicole had baby #3 earlier this month (baby girl - Lacey Jane)...Mom was anxious to head to

Utah. So, Laura and the boys hopped in the car and headed to Brush Prairie. They spent a few days getting trained on taking care of Grandma and then playing and spending time with Papa, Shane, Bryce and Amy. After which, they brought Grandma home with them...and we have been delighted to have Grandma spend a few weeks here in Spokane. Grandma is such a fun lady - always chipper and positive. She would play peek-a-boo with the boys, read them stories, give Preston a ride on the wheelchair and just be a great companion for Laura during the day. CJ loved to help with Grandma's medications, shots, and blood (diabetes). During her visit we had lots of adventures - among which involved the emergency room...never a dull moment in the Ward Home!

Poor Grandma somehow broke her finger...we still aren't quite sure how....crazy! Lots of great Memories...thanks for coming and staying with us ...we love you Grandma.

CJ's One Year Older...and Wiser Too!

Happy Birthday CJ! He is now a whopping 4! and boy is he excited to tell everyone! He was able to take treats to share with his friends at school....he picked donuts! He was thrilled to go to the store, pick them out and proudly bring them to class with him! Then, for his actual birthday, Papa, Nana and Grandma came to celebrate with us. He got his very own pancakes in the shape of his name, of which he was very proud...and now continually asks to have it again! CJ requested a tractor cake and Taco Bell.....and that is exactly what he got! He invited his little friend Mia to join us at Taco Bell...boy those kids can eat taco bell! CJ ate 4 crispy tacos...yes 4! When we showed up to order we asked what he wanted and he said, "4 hard shell tacos" We said are you sure you can eat all those? He said "I am 4, so I want 4" We said, " is your birthday, so whatever you want." And wouldn't you believe it...he ate ALL FOUR! Holy Cow! His little friend Mia kept up pretty well too... she ate 4 cheese rolls! WOW...two peas in a pod!

We can hardly believe that CJ is 4...he is growing up so quickly. CJ is such a great helper around the house. He loves to help mop the floor, cook, and wash dishes. The latter is more of a water war with CJ and the sink...but hey...let's start a good habit, right? CJ has started reading and is excited about his new ability to sound out words. He is very good at sharing with Preston, however, occasionally he gets frustrated with his younger brother and asks if we can get rid of him and get a sister instead! But, all in all..they are good buddies and love to play together! CJ has a sweet personality and says the cutest things. We love his famous response of "I sure did" instead of a simple always makes us smile!

Current WardCrew

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dancing with the Medical Lake Stars

Well, it is year number #2 of our dancing debue.... we have one night a year where we get all dressed up and go out and dance! There are 4 couples that participate in a floor show for our local youth group and we have been asked to participate the last two years and readily agree! It is a fun time for all of us! Clay and Laura have a fun time practicing/ goofing off in the kitchen, and then dressing up in their fancy clothes and having a night out! We were able to enjoy a fun night with some great friends! Last minute, Laura realized that she didn't have any shoes to wear...aghh..what is a girl to do? However, it all turned out kinda fun...a few weeks ago, Laura had bought some new summer shoes that were on clearance that reminded her of the "jellies" that she wore as a kid..however, these were clear and strapped in essence, they became her "glass slippers" worked! The youth loved it!

Frozen Feet? Frost Bite? What is that?

On their trip to Spokane, Stan and Amy wanted to see Coeur D'Alene. It was a sunny, yet chilly day when we headed over the border. We weren't planning on going swimming, as it was still winter with possible snow showers! However, as soon as the boys stepped out of the car they spotted the sand, water, and rocks....and can guess what happened next. We all headed down to the water to just take a peek...but when all the adults attention was diverted for just a second, the boys seized the opportunity and they went running and didn't stop until they were ankle deep in water. At that point there was nothing we could do... Luckily CJ was wearing boots, but poor Preston was just wearing his sneakers. No matter how cold and chilly the water was...they were determined to play in it until they were cold and numb....which was longer than you would think! (Yes, there is snow in the hills across the is that cold!) True Blue Boys...through and through!

We Love Visitors!

Stan and Amy came to visit! We loved showing them around the base, and especially the plane their son is flying! They had a good time sitting in the cockpit, laying in the boom pod, and standing next to the huge wheels! It's amazing to think that their little boy flies these big boys!

The boys enjoyed playing and being silly with Papa and Grandma. I think their favorite game was playing "dead" with Papa. (They just read a story about how opposums pretend to be dead as a defense Papa was nice enough to let the boys try and "wake" him up... and then when they were worn out..and unsuccessful, the unsuspecting "Papa opposum," would slowly wake himself up and sneak up on the boys and chase them around!)