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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Laura's Sun Dog

Laura had no idea what this was and thought it was so interesting that she took a picture (secretly hoping it was something really rare and she was capturing it for the world!!!) was a perfect dark circle around the sun with a beautiful rainbow ring around the edge.  When she mentioned it to Clay, her I love Geography, Geology, and Astronomy Man...her hopes and dreams of seeing the unnatural and rare were crashed, he knew exactly what it was and was surprised that Laura had never seen or heard of it you go...Laura's first Sun Dog!

Berry Picking

The strawberries are ON!  We have gone twice now to pick berries because the kids love it so much!  We get just as many berries in the bucket as we do in our mouths...well just about!  Depends on the picker!  Preston...hmmm..his proportions might be slightly higher...with the amount that went in the mouth vs. the bucket...on our second trip, he didn't even bring the bucket!  Yes, not the best picker mind you...but he remained happy,calm, and occupied while the rest of us picked....whew.

Kid's Weekend w/o Parents

 As you can see the kids REALLY missed their parents when they went away for the weekend!  A whole lot of crying....NOT!  With Nana...their is no lacking of coolwhip and with Papa...their is always rides on the lawn mower....the combination creates very happy children!  They can't wait for us to go away again!

Joslyn and Todd Wedding

 A wonderful thing happened on June 10!  Clay and Laura met up in Boise (without the kids) and were able to have a wonderful weekend away....during that weekend away, Clay's Sister, Joslyn, got married to Todd.  We are so excited for them and were glad that we could come and celebrate with them!  It was fun being able to see family and spend the day together. 

 The neighbor helped entertain all the kids (and bride and groom!!!) by giving them rides in this amazing train that he made!!!  Everyone had a great kept the kids happy for a LONG time!!!  Clay and Laura almost missed their kids, almost!!! (Of course we did, we just enjoyed being together too!!)

The ribbon was picked out special for Joslyn from CJ....he made it very clear that it was for Joslyn and it was a gift.  We were to make sure that she got it!  So, we had to take a picture to prove that it got into the right hands, and Mom and Dad didn't snag her gift!!!

Shane goes to the Temple

As Shane continues to prepare for his mission...we are excited to be here so that we can be apart of some of the excitement! Shane recieved the Melchizedek Priesthood and went to the temple. His report date is coming quickly!!!

Miniture Horse

 A wonderful family in the ward, the Jones', let us come over and enjoy their miniture horses.  We loved them!  They came right up to us, let us pet them, and then ate right out of our hands.  The boys followed them around the field...Aparri would pet them, but only in the safety of Nana or Mom's arms!  They also had a great play area set up for kids that had a huge blow up ball that you could crawl into, a helicopter ride, playset, and several riding toys...the kids were in heaven!!!