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Saturday, September 27, 2008

We're Back!!!

Sorry, we have been neglecting our blogspot! Yes, we are alive and well - we have tried to make up for our lack of posting, by posting several in one night.....enjoy. We should be up to date now.....and we will try not to let it slide!

Grandparents....Got to love them!

Laura's parents and Grandma came to visit for the weekend! It was so nice to see them and be able to spend time with them! We love living close enough that we can stop in and see each other, even just for a weekend! Grandma Kerr is now living with Laura's parents, so we were so excited to have her come and stay with us too. CJ LOVED helping Nana give Grandma her pills, take her blood (diabetic), and watch her get her shots. He would come running when Nana asked if he wanted to help. By the end of the weekend, he was a pro! - maybe we will have a doctor in the family!

How many Meatballs can you fit in your mouth?

Boys and Bugs

What is it about Boys and Bugs? They have a special bond...for about a week, we were finding caterpillar after caterpillar in our back yard. The boys loved to put them in a jar and watch them. They were in awe...I was amazed at how long they sat there and studied them. Preston loved to just watch them, and get really excited when they moved. However, when Preston kept throwing the jar on the ground, CJ quickly came to the rescue and they became CJ's pet. He would take them everywhere - to bed, to the kitchen table for dinner, the bathroom, outside, for a walk, etc. Mom had to put her foot down when he wanted to put them in his backpack and bring them to school....however, before he left he had to be reassured several times, that they would be taken very good care of while he was gone. It was really fun watching the boys be so thrilled with life and bugs! Well what can I say? I guess we will keep the caterpillars - they are easier than a dog!

First Day of Preschool

CJ had his first day of school. He was soo excited. He talked about if for weeks! We practiced saying his teacher's name...Breckenridge (quite the name for a 3 year old to say), but he has it just perfect! He has some friends in his class, has made some neat projects, and talks about all the fun things he does at school. We even got our first homework assignment! CJ was all ready, backpack and all, an hour before school....the time just wouldn't come fast enough. We can hardly believe our little big boy is off to school.

We R Family

After about a 3 year absence (we saw each other at Kathy's wedding, but really didn't have time to talk or the kids to play), the Ward kids and the Ernst kids are united! We all met up at Nana and Papa's house for a few days, and had a lot of fun together! Finally, when CJ asked Nana, "where is the little boy for me to play with?" Nana could say, "Easton is right here!" Yipee. We had fun on the motorcycle, playing at the park, going to Bryce's company picnic, Nana's water ballooons, and just being together as a you can see we are quite the lively bunch! Family...what fun! We tried several times to get the kids together for a cute picture - just sit still and smile....YEAH RIGHT! In our attempt we got some cute shots...their personalities shine through!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Airshow comes to Fairchild

Back in August, the base had an was fabulous! A lot of the planes came a few days early to practice.. so we had several days of fly bys and stunts. CJ didn't like the "loud airplanes" he ran inside every time they came by. I don't blame them, they are loud! Preston however, loved the planes and would stare and point at them the whole time. He would get so excited and run to the window every time he hear them. When the day of the airshow arrived Laura and her good friend and neighbor, Dana went together with the kids. CJ had gotten a little more used to the noise and with the help of 2 sets of ear plugs, he loved the show. The Blue Angels came, the kids got their face painted, we walked through several airplanes, sat in a helicopter, had a picnic, watched several other fabulous airplane stunts, etc. it was a lot of fun.

summer accidents

The summer has been full of adventure! Sometimes little boys can be too adventurous! Preston's accident happened at church! His head came in contact with a choir chair hymn book holder on the stand- right before sacrament meeting started. Not just any sacrament meeting either... the primary presentation sacrament meeting, where Laura was conducting the music.... These things always happen at the most convenient times! Luckily, Nana and Papa were there to help! THANK YOU! After just a few minutes, we got the bleeding to stop, the crying under control, and Laura back to the Primary presentation...whew. Never a dull moment! Preston's eye is healing nicely, we are just grateful it didn't get his eye...literally millimeters away. Someone is watching out for him! Thank Heavens.

Now, for CJ's story! We had CJ's accident at the school yard! They have really great equipment at the school, so before school started, we took a special trip over to play - we even rode our bikes! And...wouldn't you know it....we weren't there 5 minutes and CJ is on the black top, face down on the pavement. Blood everywhere, screaming... all we have is a sippy cup of warm water, and our bikes...! So, grab the boys, put them in the trailer, run over to the nearest friend's house, ask for some ice, then pedal like mad all the way home, with a screaming child in the back...he finally passed out right before we got home....whew...poor kid had a huge fat lip for quite a while. Then, later that same week CJ was riding his bike and a big kid lost control of his skateboard and plowed right into him...knocked him off his bike and reopenned the wound....but CJ is a tough kid...after a little ice, he hoped right back on that bike of his and wanted to ride all the way home (even with crooked handlebars - they got twisted in the crash.) It took a little longer to get home, and mom had to refrain from laughing because it looked so funny with cockeyed handle bars...but he was determined nonetheless. When we got home, mom felt real handy and accomplished when she got out Clay's tools and fixed those handle bars, lickedy split! Go Mom!

tub time

What can I say? We have 2 fish for kids! The boys LOVE, let me repeat LOVE bath time...can you tell? It is happy time in the ward home when we mention baths! Recently, the boys have been on a kick, where they invite Mom into the tub with them too....well, usually she declines, but occasionally she indulges! For example....just this week, it was a cold and dreary afternoon - we couldn't, or should I say, didn't want to play outside so we were brainstorming for a fun way to spend the afternoon...well, wouldn't you know it, we all ended up in the bathtub! Mom, ran and got her swimsuit, the boys got ready and we jumped in...we had a blast - splashing, playing, flying with planes, spraying with ducks - great way to spend the afternoon! This activity comes highly recommended from the Ward home!