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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Real Men Like Dirt!

Like most little boys, CJ is fascinated with being outdoors and exploring everything that he possibly can. He loves to get in the dirt and squeeze it between his finger, as well as find all of the leaves, twigs, bark etc... and give it a good taste. As you can imagine, mom is usually standing there saying "No CJ", and dads usually standing there saying, "That's My Boy".

Flashlight Fun

There's just some nights when you have a hard time coming up with something to do (at least the nights before primary flight training started), That's when stuff like this happens. We were playing with the shutter speed on our camera and got the bright idea to twirl flashlights around. It looks dumb but was actually quite entertaining.

Peek-A-Boo.....I Hear You?

One of CJ's new things has been getting on all fours with his hind quarters in the air, and playing peek-a-boo through his legs.... he had also been doing the 'hands over the ears' bit. We don't know why he does it, but we're sure that it has some deep (CJ language) meaning, like the time when we found reconstituted raisins in his diaper.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Discovering Milton

Yesterday the Ward crew decided to have a look-see of downtown Milton Florida (a very short look-see as it turned out, Milton isn't that big). We look a walk down the Milton Riverwalk which was nice, but the Riverwalk is about a hundred yards long, and is just a long dock-like walkway. But fun none-the-less, and CJ enjoyed watching the seagulls and the water. Next to the riverwalk was a war memorial which was really interesting to see. It had information on every major conflict that the U.S. has ever been in which was carved into large polished granite slabs. Also, the walking area at the memorial is layed bricks, and on every brick was carved the names of every person who has lived in Milton and died in war. It was humbling to see how much one small town has sacrificed for our countries freedom.

Some Play Time

Thursday afternoon was such nice weather that we had to take advantage of it and get out a bit. We went on a bike ride around the neighborhood, which CJ loves to do, as well as hit the playground for some swinging, sliding, monkey bar'ing, and playing with one of those funny looking wheels that looks like the helm of a ship (we are on a Navy base). It was lots of fun. CJ enjoyed it, except for one time when dad let him go down the big kid slide a little too fast for a ten month old.

An Early Celebration

Well we know that 11 Jan was a bit early to be celebrating Laura's birthday, but we figured that since Clay will probably be up to his ears in flight training come time, it would be a little better to celebrate early. We took CJ to some of our good friends and then went to see The Cronicles of Narnia, as well as go out to dinner. We then came home and Laura blew out her cheese cake candles and opened her birthday gifts.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Day Trip To Tyndall AFB

Yesterday, 7 Jan we decided to take a little trip over to Panama City, FL and visit Tyndall AFB, where Clay did his field training (like boot camp) 2 1/2 years ago. We spent most of our time there at the beach where we ate lunch, played in the sand, and hunted sea shells. We would have played in the water if it wasn't 45 degrees outside (we took off CJ's hat and gloves for the pictures). But it was a good time and it's always fun to get out and explore the area a bit.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Little Boys Gotta Have Trucks!

CJ has been putting his shiny new dump truck to good use, and I'm sure that he'll have the paint starting to wear off of it in no time; although I don't think that it will be from hauling DIRT around.
Earlier today the three of us went out into the backwoods of Florida and shot some of our guns; mainly the 220 swift, the 9mm, and one of the .22's. It was a fun little outing and we even saw an armadillo. We have probably seen hundreds of armadillos along side the highway (more like hundreds of pieces of armadillos) but this was the first one that we saw alive and upclose. Did you know that armadillos hop kinda like kangaroos when they run away? Neither did we until today.