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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Weekend Fun at the Lake

We have been hearing about a lake that is about 20 minutes south of us, Clear Lake. This weekend, we took a family outting to go and discover this lake. We had so much fun. We played in the beach area and let the boys be the little fish that they are. We then rented a canoe and paddled around the lake looking at turtles, fish, and eating a snack. We finished of the lake experience with a trip to the was a successful day! We will definitely be back for more day trips to the lake.

CJ playing T-Ball

CJ has been talking about t-ball for the last year (he went to one of the neighbor girl's t-ball game last summer, and wanted to play ever since.) So, this year, it was finally his turn to play! He has done a great job! Go CJ!

The BIKE ride...

We took Clay's family on the Hiawatha Trail- which is an old railroad converted into a 14 mile bike trail. There are several tunnels, bridges, canyons, and beautiful landscape. It was a long trail, but everyone made it..our rumps were a little sore, but we all came out triumphant...WE DID IT!

All together now....

Ward Family Reunion

The whole Ward Crew was together for a weekend! Clay's 3 sisters and parents came all the way to Spokane so we could all be together! We kept busy biking 14 miles on the Hiawatha Trail, spending countless hours at the local theme park Silverwood, chasing kids, and trying to catch some zzz's in between all the fun. Thanks for coming eveyone!

Ward Campout

We finally made it to a ward campout! In the years since we have been married, this was the first time that we have been able to attend our own ward campout! Clay was in town, everyone was well, and the weather was good- so off to the woods we went! It was HOT, HOT, HOT, so we were sooo grateful for the river to cool off in. We literally spent 2 1/2 full days swimming, splashing and tubing down the river. The boys were in heaven - dirt, water, fire, and bugs - what fun times!