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Monday, August 27, 2007

Horses, Slides and Roller Coasters

We had a fun time at the Gunderson Family Picnic - a child's dream place. CJ had a great time riding a pony, seeing a REALLY TALL MAN, and riding his first roller coaster. CJ loved all the rides and asked to go on them time and time again - however we could never get the kid to smile while on the rides (I guess he was concentrating on holding on for dear life!)

Celebrating Bryce's Birthday

Bryce is now 24 years old, but still needs help blowing out his candles, or so CJ thought! CJ was a good helper by blowing out a few of Bryce's candles even before Bryce could get a chance to catch his breath! ( so much for those birthday wishes Bryce). But, we had a fun day having a great family dinner, scavenger hunt, games and of course the famous strawberry is to die for! Any of you who love strawberries, coolwhip, pudding and angel food cake - this one is a good one! A Smith family favorite! Preston even got a taste of coolwhip and strawberries! Yum, Yum.

Earning our Keep

Papa Smith has been busy painting every room of the house and when he got done with that, he started on the garage! Laura and CJ decided to do a little finger painting to "help" out. But, as many of you can atest... how helpful is a two year old, really? After a few rolls with the brush, some spilt paint, a climb on the ladder - we were ready for CJ to be done helping and ready to start playing again.

Visiting Great Grandma Kerr

While we were in Washington visiting the Smith family, we decided to take a trip down to Southern Oregon. We were able to visit Great Grandma Kerr, and many of Laura's aunts, uncles and Cousins. We hadn't been down to visit since CJ was born, so we were grossly overdue for a visit. It sure was fun to see everyone. While we were there we picked up 160 lbs. of pears!
We stuffed the trunk, backseat, floors, etc. we were practically sitting on the pears - - they were every where! And now that we are back, Laura is learning the great art of canning from here mother. We are in the midst of canning pears, lots of pears!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Julie's going to Brazil

Laura's sister Julie got her mission call....Brazil! Yipee. Julie is so excited and already practicing her Portguese. Laura was able to go with Julie to the temple for her first time on Saturday. It was a wonderful day for everyone. The boys even behaved well for Aunt Becky and Uncle Shane! Julie will be a great missionary - she leaves for Brazil the end of November. We love you Julie, we promise to write!

CJ says hello....CJ style

What can we say....... YES, He's ours!

Sneak Peek of Washington

Out of the heat and into the rain of Washington State. Laura, CJ and Preston are visiting the Smith Clan as we prepare to move to Spokane. They were welcomed by the rain and cooler weather. CJ was excited to get out the umbrella and put it to use! Poor Clay is still in Oklahoma, sweating enough for all of us. Laura and the boys are enjoying their time with Nana, Papa and all the aunts and uncles. At one time, 6 of the 7 Smith kids were at It's a crowded, but fun house.