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Monday, April 30, 2012

CJ plays coach pitch

CJ advanced from t-ball to coach pitch this year.  It has been a good challenge for CJ - he gets frustrated when he isn't able to make contact with the coach pitched balls...but when he does, he is on cloud 9 and there is nothing getting him down!!  He has done a great job this season and made a huge improvement in the last few weeks.  He also has the BEST assistant coach EVER, yep, Clay volunteered to help coach the team this year!  Good job boys, you both make it look good!

Since all 3 of the boys are involved in either t-ball or baseball this year, Laura and Aparri are the official cheerleaders of the family!  Here is Aparri getting some of her "Chee-r" by eatting "chee-tos"  HaHa...

Preston plays t-ball

 Preston was sooooo excited to play t-ball this year!  He was warmed up and ready to go last year, so when we told him that he was old enough to play this year, you should have seen the smile on his face!  We couldn't get him to the field fast enough!  Preston does such a great job catching the ball, hitting the ball, and tackling all his team mates to retrieve the ball (don't worry...they all do it!  It is hilarious to watch as parents!!).  Preston even has his left handed advantage, Go Preston!!!

Our Incredible HAWK

CJ was awarded an Incredible Hawk Award, which is the student of the month program, but since his school mascot is a Hawk, they call it... the Incredible Hawk Award.  We are so proud of CJ!  When CJ came home and told us he got the award; he also told us there would be an award ceremony during school and they got to eat pizza!  (Laura thought...oh boy, cafeteria pizza - yum yum... but she didn't want to squish a young boy's heart, so she kept positive and excited for him.)  Well, the day of the ceremony, Laura, Preston and Aparri were able to attend...and wouldn't you know it - He got to eat Pizza Hut Pizza in front of the cafeteria (now that is something to celebrate!! Pizza Hut is A whole lot better than cafeteria pizza!!) and was awarded a certificate from the principle!  Good job CJ!  Keep up the good work!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Preston

Our Preston is now 5!!  Our Garbage Truck, back hoe loving man... luckily he chose a garbage truck cake instead of a back hoe... whew!  I don't know how we would have managed that one!  Preston was very specific about the cake... it needed to be a RED garbage truck, with a that is what he got!!  The birthday boy, Preston, woke up to breakfast in bed of french toast and strawberries.... then the day progressed with an afternoon of playing with friends and constructing a garbage truck cake, the evening was pizza hut pizza, presents, and then cake.... as you can see he is a happy boy!  We love you Preston, you add a lot to our family!

Extra Traditions

 Yes, we colored Eggs and Yes, we made our orange Bunny Buns... it just happened after Easter this year!  It was our family home evening activity the Monday After Easter.  We were able to continue talking about Easter and the importance of the season.... and since we don't use the colored eggs in our hunt anyway...we thought, why does it matter???   Instead of making all of our buns bunnies..CJ made a few snails too!!

Easter Morning

Easter Morning.... the kids awoke to jelly beans on the floor and eggs hidden in every crevice and shoe in the house!  The kids loved the underware, socks and treats and that the Easter Bunny left them.  We made a special rule during the hunt this year...all eggs on the ground were for Aparri to seek; Preston and CJ could hunt all the others.  It actually turned out about right between all the kids....CJ and Preston are about equal hunters and the special rule gave Aparri the needed advantage to keep up with the boys!  Purple was the color of choice this year for our Easter Sunday Attire!  Laura quickly pulled together the ties for the boys Easter MORNING!  Poor Clay had to work all day and therefore missed all the action and dress up, but just in case you were wondering... Yes, even Clay has a purple tie and would have matched too!!!


Before the big Official Egg Hunt by the Easter Bunny....we usually have to get warmed up with a few extra hunts.  This year, the base held an Easter Eggsraveganza.  They had face painting, kids games galore, lunch, the Easter Bunny, and of course an egg hunt.  Luckily the hunt was divided by age groups so there wasn't too much trompling of children...although there were still a few aggresive parents...what is it about egg hunts that brings out the "Best in the ADULTS".... it is rediculous!  Luckily, it was pretty tame and the kids enjoyed huning the eggs among the masses ...