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Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Time

Well, it's been a busy few weeks in the Ward house. Laura and CJ headed off to New Orleans and met the Smith crew where they all boarded the 'SS Caribean Cruise Ship'(or something like that)and from last report are having a great time out in the Gulf, hanging out in Mexico, swimming with dolphins, parasailing, and doing whatever else goes on out there. Clay, in te meantime has been very busy with flight training back in Oklahoma. His flight commander was really pushing him and three other guys in his unit to finish their Navigation Checkride before Christmas (The Nav Checkride is the last really big hurdle to get through before graduation). So in other words that meant that Clay would have to forego the cruise for training. The unfortunate thing was the weather came in this week right before the checkride and cancelled all of Clay's sorties(flights)for the rest of the week. Needless to say it's been a lonely week or so without Laura and CJ, and since training was halted, it's been a really slow week. Neighbors have taken pity on Clay (he's been invited to dinner about four of five times this week) and helped keep him company. Clay, Laura, and CJ will all meet back up in Idaho on Christmas Eve and spend a week or so with the family. I'm sure CJ and all of his cousins will have a blast over the holiday, and it will be nice to get back home after being away for over a year.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

With our 75 degree weather days in November, Clay was a little worried that he would have to wait until our visit to Idaho to experience snow. To all of our surprise, Clay didn't need to wait after all, last week....snow came to Enid! (just after a 75 degree day too...weird). Not just a trickel either...we got about 12 inches! Clay was excited beyond words. ( we did NOT get a's the neighbors!!)

Clay was especially excited to get CJ outside and experience the snow. After an hour or so of dressing CJ, he was finally ready to meet the storm. (Laura demanded that he wear at least 20 layers! Just kidding.) But, after all that work, we stepped outside and CJ started screaming. It was still snowing and blowing - right in his face and well... let's just say, he wasn't too happy. So, the first outing was a short outing. But, we ventured out for outing number 2 the next day when the sun was shining but there was still plenty of snow on the ground. CJ was much happier!
It was so nice to have a couple of days as a family where we were snowed in and all we could do was play, play, play. Clay even got a couple of days off (now that doesn't happen very often!)