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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ward Weird-o-s

Here we are on our Saturday Night...what did you do?

Maybe this should be our Christmas card picture this year!!!!

CJ and Clay came home with these glasses after making a Saturday run to the commissary!!! Fun times.

Girly Preparations!!!

Laura and Clay had a busy week putting together the nursery... we felt it was time to get the girl preparations is the result of our labors... PINK and BROWN!!!!

The yellow roses are the roses Clay gave Laura when we found out we were expecting this baby! The picture was painted by Laura's Mom and it hung in Laura's room growing up.

The crib....we got the bedding set from the baby shower!! Thanks Nana and is perfect!

Soft comfy chair that rocks...perfect for those late night feedings.

Changing table and frame that Laura put together!

Laura made these boxes from baby wipe boxes covered in left over fabric and ribbon....they turned out really great!

The 30 week Blooming Belly!!

January is coming quickly....aghhhh

Visitors and Baby shower!!!

Laura's Parents, sister and friend came to visit last weekend. We had a great time with Nana, Papa, Julie and Heather. While they were here, Laura's friend, Megan, threw her a baby shower! We got a lot of cute little girl things!!! The boys wouldn't let Papa out of their sight....when we went anywhere....they made sure that Papa was squeezed into the back seat with them! Now that they are gone, we have the constant question...."When are we going to Papa's house." We just love visitors!

The boys enjoying Papa close by....literally!

Mom, Laura, Julie and Heather

Laura and Megan (who is expecting in December) has been fun sharing the pregancy journey with a friend!

Alaska Adventure

Clay headed off to Alaska for a week...and when he returned he brought souveniors!!!

Laura's never had the individual toe socks...but she has to admit...they are pretty comfy!!
Thanks Clayboy!!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Is it Halloween Again?

What 2 year olds do while Mom is cleaning up the kitchen from dinner....dress-up! He promised to only draw on the paper....well, apparently when the paper was full, he went to his face and then the hands....and now he calls himself the cat! Oh Preston...

FHE with 2 boys...

Happy Halloween Haunting

Our Finished Product! The boys had fun picking out what kind of face they wanted on their pumpkin! Mom's arm was sore after we were done....but we had fun!
Cowboy CJ!
Batman Preston!
Pumpkin Preston in the leaves having some outdoor fun!
Ghost CJ, scarying everyone and practicing his "BOO"
Pumpkin Preston!
Cute Boys! Thank goodness for dressup clothes, because the boys changed their minds as to what they wanted to be for every event! They were one thing for school, another for the ward trunk or treat, and yet something different for the actual Halloween night! But, as long as the kiddos are happy, we are happy! Happy Halloween!

We were all very excited about OUR own 3 pumpkins that we were able to grow in our little garden out back! Yipee....we were thrilled!!