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Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Preparations

 Baby Preparations are in full motion!  Laura has the whole family busy busy getting ready for our little man to make his appearance in less than 2 months!  With Clay home...the "honey - do" list has begun!  We painted the crib (which Aparri insisted on helping with - and surprisingly, she is a good little painter!), refinished a dresser (Laura has been working on that thing for the last year and Clay came in, bought a belt sander and had that thing done lickedy, if Laura had only known the secret of a belt sander!), rearranged the spare room into a nursery, cleaned out a closet, and kept up our new tradition of going to build-a-bear workshop and picking out a new friend for our baby.  The kids picked out a cute brown dog and named him Brownie D-Dog.  December is coming quickly!!!  Oh boy!

 The dresser before...
 The dresser after...
The kids showing off Brownie D-Dog.


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