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Friday, November 02, 2012

Whose Who Today?

We had lots of pre-Halloween fun this year! We had the school carnival, the church trunk-or-treat, and the housing festival all before the actual Halloween DAY itself! Several weeks ago we talked to the kids and they all picked what they wanted to be for Halloween - well, with so many activities to go to...they couldn't be just one thing...oh no.... thank goodness for dress up boxes, because I swear we had a different character for each event! We had everything from Darth Vador, Clone troopers, fairies, princesses, rock star, beach bums, ghosts, iron man, and sherriffs. Whew...quite the mixture, I know! At the ward trunk or treat, Laura even found a little boys with a matching outfit!!! That pumpkin is from Papa and Nana and was used for a Halloween costume when Laura was a kid! So - to find someone else with the same one, was a big deal! It ends up, it was a costume from his mom -when she was a kid!

 Star Wars was a popular theme this year among the Ward family and several of our friends!! 

 Aparri was fasinated by her fairy shadow.  She would run up to the wall, look at it, twirl, run away and run kept her entertained for quite a while!!!

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