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Friday, November 02, 2012

Nevada Day

When we moved to Las Vegas, we soon found out there is this wonderful Holiday called "Nevada Day" (Never had such a day anywhere we lived before...never a Washington Day, Florida Day, Idaho Day, Oklahoma Day, or even Texas Day...but there is a NEVADA DAY!!)  The kids are out of school, the weather is gorgeous, and it is usually on a Friday..I think ( I should check into that).. but anyway, it is in October every year (I do know that).  This year, we spent the day together doing crafts, playing games, having friends over, and as CJ is modeling so well for you .... relaxing and enjoying the weather!  Yes, we still had "quiet time" on the day off (or tried to...ended up she refusing to nap after a 35 minute attempt...) but when Laura went to put Aparri down, Preston and CJ put the afternoon activities into their own hands!  Laura came out to find Preston searching the front yard for crystals in the rocks, and CJ lounging in the sun with his little fortress - complete with umbrella, chips, blanket, pillow, water, sun glasses, and a few toys!  Laura couldn't stop laughing, it definitely wasn't the sight she was expecting to find!  Happy Nevada Day!!