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Friday, November 02, 2012

Our 2012 Pumpkins

Pumpkins just don't last very long here in Nevada (the sun gets them or the crickets!)... even when you don't carve them. So, to help keep them as long as possible, we decided to paint all our pumpkins but one... and that ONE we would carve the Eve of Halloween! So, that is what we to the commissary Pumpkin patch we went where everyone was able to choose their own pumpkin and paint it. They turned out mighty cute! We have a clone pumpkin, pink-purple-black pumpkin, solid black with a grey spot pumpkin, dracula, and polka dot pumpkin. The kids had a great time helping Dad gut, design a face, and carve the pumpkin big boy pumpkin of the eve of Halloween. We are still cleaning up goo off the floor...we will work on keeping the mess a little more contained next year!! The boys had a little too much fun trying to goop their arms and then share the goop with everyone around them! Clay ended up putting a strobe light in the pumpkin to really make the face pop...and it was quite a hit with the trick or treaters! Good job guys!

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