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Friday, November 02, 2012

The Real Halloween

The kids woke up on Halloween asking the question, "Is today the REAL Halloween?"  With so many pre-Halloween festivities, I guess they were a little confused!  But, yes, it was the REAL deal!  And as soon as they heard the official, is the day!  They were excited.  They got ready for school in record time - costume and all...and yes, it was still something different then they had worn to any previous activity and still not what they planned on wearing that night either!  After a fun filled day at school, the afternoon seemed to pass like a whirlwind with homework, dinner, decorating the porch, costumes, and meeting up with our friends to go TRICK-OR-TREATING!  We met up with 3 families from church - the Armstrongs, the Hoopers, and the Gilletts.  (Laura was sad she didn't get a group picture.... she didn't even think about it until bed time and she was kicking herself that she didn't get a picture...and if you know Laura - that is very uncharacteristic...the camera is usually attached to her hip and snapping constantly... she thinks this pregnancy thing is throwing her off her A game when it comes to pictures!  She just hasn't been as camera happy lately...too many things on the brain!  In CJ's Words... "It's ok Mom, you can get a picture next year."