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Friday, November 02, 2012

Mommy's Special Halloween Treat

After 2 days full of potty training, I WAS DONE...FRUSTRATED, DEFEATED AND NO SUCCESS (not even close, no pee in the potty what-so-ever)....arghhh. So on the morning of the 3rd day, Halloween morning, after she peed on the kitchen floor 3 times and we went through 3 halloween costumes (they all got wet!) in 1 hour...I was just DONE. So I decided to stop trying and start again next week. We left the house to go visiting teaching, go to the library story time, and pick up Preston from kindergarten. I strapped a diaper on the little lady, because I was done trying and going to so many places... well...we got home around lunch time and I just thought...ok, we are home, we will take off the diaper. I did and after a few minutes, Aparri came to me and said, "Pee" "I have to pee in the potty" so off we ran to the pee. But, there was also no pee in her panties or on the floor (A good sign..I thought!). Well, we ended up in the bathroom every 2 minutes for the next half hour with nothing....but we only went potty if Aparri said "Potty" not if Mom's timer went off... as I was still taking my "break". Well, we tried all afternoon and still no success - LOTS of attempts and yes even a few accidents. The evening came, and it was time for Halloween trick or treating and I put the diaper back on her, I wasn't going to deal with pee on the street.... so off we went. After 2 hours, we got home and we were handing out candy and she says, "Mom, I have to pee". Tired, I said, "Go tell Dad" He hadn't been dealing with it for 3 days, so I thought... he can take a turn.... so she ran to the garage, grabbed Dad, and off they went to the potty....wouldn't you know it... she comes back bouncing... "I peed in the toilet, I peed in the toilet." Yep, she finally had a successful deposit in the toilet, and I missed it... but, I was just thrilled that it happened! She was excited, we all cheered for her, she got her Jasmine princess doll... yipee. An hour later, she even attempted to poop on the toilet...I hope this is the beginning of the end! We will see how the next few days go.... but hey, we have had 1 successful deposit and we are all thrilled, that is MORE than we have had yet... and believe me, WE HAVE BEEN TRYING!!!!  Best TREAT Mom could ask for...good job Big Girl!